Recent Articles

  • 25 years of RivieraZeit(ung)!

    The unique place, the cheerful mood of 200 happy guests, the spell of a Mediterranean full moon night… Magical! No other word can describe better our fabulous 25th birthday party at the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild last June.

  • Voisins Voices: British embassy launches newsletter for expats in France

    Voisins Voices, a quarterly newsletter for British expats living in France, was launched by the British Embassy in Paris earlier this year. The online publication was created in response to feedback from the British community requesting better communication of activities and issues that may affect them.

  • A community against cancer: the Mimosa Ball in association with YPI

    It was with genuine pleasure that I attended the annual Mimosa Ball in association with YPI, on behalf of Riviera Insider, at the Royal Mougins Golf Resort on Saturday 13th May. And what an inspirational and moving evening it was!

  • The Ligne Nouvelle Provence-Côte d’Azur

    Over 150 years after the current railway was laid, the region could be about to sign off on plans for a brand new track.

  • You are what you eat: nutrition in accordance with natural laws

    Each of us has a certain physical and mental constitution (Dosha), which distinguishes us from others. If we know our own nature, we can consciously influence these energy principles and balance the interaction of the three Doshas: Vata, Pittaand Kapha.

  • An interview with Jérôme Froissart, Secretary General of AMADE Mondiale

    AMADE's work features many successes since 2000: more than 66,000 vulnerable children have received regular school education, over 50,000 children have been treated for or cured of disease and 3,200 children living on the streets have found new homes.

  • AMADE: Helping children around the world

    AMADE - “A name easy to remember because it ressembles amour,” said Princess Grace – is just one of Monaco’s 800 associations.

  • Seborga re-elects its prince: Riviera insider chats with first lady Nina Menegatto

    Winning the trust of the people for the second time, at the end of April this year, 129 of 325 inhabitants voted for 38-year old contractor Marcello Menegatto, officially known as Marcello I. 42 votes went to his only opponent, English journalist and radio DJ Mark Dezzani.