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  • Expat Focus: Lin Wolff

    Riviera Insider meets Lin Wolff, the owner of the English Book Centre in Valbonne.

  • 3D printed reefs: Monaco reforms its underwater landscape

    Rich in life, but delicate in balance: coral reefs cover just 0.2% of our oceans yet support 30% of all marine species known to date. They are also increasingly under threat. If the natural can’t survive, could science and technology provide a solution?

  • Old town charm: Le Cannet serves up an ode to the culinary gods

    According to Cannes’ TripAdvisor, the city has some 660 restaurants, which can sometimes make the challenge of deciding where to eat somewhat difficult. The solution? The old town of Le Cannet, a picturesque and secret suburb five minutes from Cannes. It’s a hidden gourmet gem.

  • Italy's Bandiere Blu

    With a total of 64 environmental Blue Flags, the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) has crowned Liguria the King of Clean Beaches in Italy. Since 1987, the famous beach have been hoisted on beaches where certain environmental and eco-friendly as well as waste management and public safety conditions have been met. The campaign covers beaches, marinas and lakes.

  • Women of the Year

    On 14th May, the Prix Monte-Carlo Femme de l’Année honoured its winners for 2018 under the patronage of Prince Albert II of Monaco and the ceremony’s honorary president Princess Charlene.

  • The Grimaldis at home

    A young Prince Albert tinkering with his Rolleiflex at the end of the 1960s, Prince Rainier III lovingly taking a photo of his family on the principality’s National Day of 1965, Prince Albert I capturing the gardens of the Villa Adriana in Tivoli in 1910, or even Princess Grace posing proudly with her camera during the 1950s… Organised as part of the inaugural PhotoMonaco event, which took place in early April, the Princely family is allowing the public to gain a new insight into its private life and history.

  • Treatments by The Holy Tree

    Laetitia Duhamel's holistic treatments inspired by worldwide travels.

  • The Holy Tree

    In the shade of a magnificent, 200-year-old parasol pine, French former triathlete Laetitia Duhamel practises an all-inclusive, therapeutic approach to wellness.