Recent Articles

  • Newly opened in Loano: Zucchero & Farina

    They both had solid jobs in the tourism industry for many years so had little to no experience of going it along without the security of a regular pay cheque. Still, the two colleagues had dreams beyond their desks.

  • Diamond to dust: an end to the Monegasque rankings

    During the 1940s in Monaco, government officials sought to find a way of encouraging restaurateurs to provide a minimum level of service that corresponded to what a customer was ‘entitled to expect’ from a Monegasque establishment. The Losanges ratings system was the result.

  • Festival food truck: a new menu for Château de Berne

    A cold rain patters down on the van’s roof as Wendy in her grey apron slowly flips over a frozen patty. She squeezes an apathetic dose of mayonnaise onto a bun then hands it over to the sound of cars whizzing past. “£4.50 please, love.”

  • Stars & other symbols: a guide to the Michelin system

    What is on the plate is all that matters when it comes to winning a Michelin star (or more). Inspectors look right past decorative table setting, flowers and other ‘fuss’ to focus on their five essential criteria: the quality of ingredients, mastery of flavour and cooking techniques, the presence of the chef’s personality in their cuisine, value for money, and consistency between visits.

  • Monaco Spritz networking party

    International networking club Club Vivanits event partners L’Orangerie Liqueur de Monaco will be hosting a members-only networking VIP party at L’Orangerie’s distillery boutique in early September.

  • Jazzin' Nice: 70th anniversary exhibition

    For more than 70 years, the city of Nice has been celebrating jazz music and artists. Starting in 1948, the Nice Jazz Festival has witnessed some of the most famous and popular jazz musicians perform, such as Louis Amstrong, Lionel Hampton, Dizzy Gillespie or even Miles Davis.

  • Gravel Origins 83: Roc d’Azur’s new adventure

    © Roc d'AzurThis autumn, the 35th edition of Roc d’Azur will be the stage of a new race: the Gravel Origins 83, an opportunity for gravel bike riders to discover the most impressive landscapes of the Var.

  • Like the bread of olden days

    When making her bread, Simona Taddeo follows her own personal recipes that are full of passion and energy. She is part of a new generation in Liguria; one that wants to stand on its own two feet despite the many hurdles. At Il Pane Di Simona, every bite is exquisite