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  • Water worries on French Riviera beaches

    Nearly 2,000 beaches across France have been tested for water quality by the French Ministry of Health. Out of the 149 beaches registered in the Alpes Maritimes, 136 ranked very highly, but there are some that haven’t made the cut.

  • Macron to reform unpopular housing tax for 2018

    Last week, the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance announced the official absolution of the housing tax, the taxe d’habitation, for 80% of the country –  one of President Macron’s widely promoted commitment during his presidential campaign. On 17th July, Macron held the first national Conference of the Territories (Conférence Nationale des Territoires) at the Senate, bringing together the French Prime minister, Edouard Philippe, along with town hall representatives to discuss, amongst other topics, the new tax policy and its implementation.

  • Tour de France 2017: Marseille on the route

    On 22nd July, for the first time, Marseille will host a 22.5km-long individual time trial for the most prestigious cycling race in the world: the Tour de France.

  • Georges Braque & Henri Laurens at the Musée Annonciade

    The summer exhibition at Saint Tropez’s Musée Annonciade celebrates the works and lives of two the 20th century’s greatest French artists: Georges Braque (1882-1963) and Henri Laurens (1885-1954).

  • Tinder hot beaches

    Single (or otherwise) and looking for love or a hangout on the beaches of the Côte d’Azur? Well, you’ve definitely picked one of the best locations in France according to dating app Tinder, which has ranked the country’s coastline to determine the hottest beaches for making a match. Corsica might lead the pack, but Antibes, Hyères, Cannes and Nice aren’t far behind…

  • Update on Castagniers fire

    On Monday afternoon, a fire broke out in the Castagniers area to the north of Nice. In total, 120 hectares of forest have been raised to the ground as 450 firefighters tackled the flames well into the night.

  • Language learning with confidence

    At IS Aix-en-Provence, the teachers focus on providing students with the necessary tools and expertise to go out and use their new language confidently in everyday life. Riviera Insider speaks to school director Anna Diaz to find out more.

  • Know your limits: an interview with Antibes' tourism director

    Philippe Baute has headed Antibes’ tourism office since 1999, but after almost two decades in the same job, his enthusiasm for his work, profession and city only seems to have grown. It is, he says, his greatest happiness.