Editorial (by Petra Hall)

Much more than just a magazine

Petra Hall, founder and editor-in-chief 

When we created The Riviera Times in 2002, we were often asked the question: “Isn’t your monthly Riviera Côte d’Azur Zeitung in German enough for you?” The response was ‘no’ because our business plan was already clearly defined: To cover the most important news and information in the major foreign languages in the region, from Marseille in France to Genoa in Italy, including Monaco.

In 2015 we made the leap from the traditional newspaper format to unveil Riviera RT Magazine.

And now, our evolution continues with Riviera Insidemagazine; consolidating more than two decades of unique insights into Riviera news, culture, art, restaurants, trends and insider-tips. 

Of course, we were not the first to think of having a publication in English. But we were, and still are, the only ones with a top quality magazine, full of information, produced by mother-tongue journalists, with a proper editorial team in place. Not a magazine without editorial content, and not one with texts translated straight from French; but a publication with its own identity, full of useful items which enable people to enjoy life better in this privileged region, and also one which targets an international readership, as a mirror of the Riviera. 

Today, our numerous subscribers include not only many readers from France, Monaco, the United Kingdom, Ireland and other countries across Europe but also the United States, Scandinavia and even Australia. It is a success which we also owe to all 

those who have had faith in us and who have supported us wholeheartedly in this innovative approach.