Starter Business Center offers custom office space with day rate specials

Starter Business Center officeThis year has completely disrupted normal business and working situations. Although telecommuting has now become the norm, this new way of working still has its limitations... Indeed, it is hard to imagine receiving a customer in your living room or signing contracts in your kitchen. Renting office space for the day can solve this dilemma!Read more

Brexit: Important info for businesses

Brexit Referendum

On 2 December, the British Embassy of Paris issued a press release to remind business owners to prepare for the coming changes to border policies with the United Kingdom. Even though Brexit officially took place last January, there has been a ‘transition period’ that ends on 31 December 2020. After this, a massive re-haul of the border system will take effect, greatly affecting the movement of goods. The embassy emphasises there is  “no time to lose”.Read more

A plan to save the Côte d'Azur tourism industry

Cannes Croisette c. CRT Behar

In a much anticipated and welcomed video conference last November 25th, the Regional Committee of Tourism for the Côte d'Azur (CRT) presented a detailed plan of action to adapt to the various evolutions of the health crisis and save the 150,000 direct and indirect jobs that depend on tourism in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.Read more

Cannes Entrepreneurship Summit 2020

Women in Tech Sud, Cécile Dartanian (left), Sophie Benyamin (middle), and Elodie Sarfati (right)Bringing together four leading events in the Côte d'Azur startup ecosystem (BA06Get In The RingWomen in Tech, and the Cannes DDA is up). This was the wager of the first CES (Cannes Entrepreneurship Summit) organisers for this autumn under Covid-19. This gamble was taken up last Thursday and Friday with a first day at the Cannes International Campus and a second, between work and leisure, in the Saint-Marguerite Island's idyllic setting. Read more

Crowdfunding, a financing tool at the disposal of entrepreneurs

CrowdfundingLast year, the local press reported on a participatory financing operation carried out by the Grasse-based company ECCITY MOTOCYCLES to finance the launch of a 3-wheeled electric scooter in category 125 and strengthen its commercial structure. This small company with 12 employees managed to raise €455,000.Read more

Take positive action for your financial wellbeing

Blevins Franks Financial Wealth ManagementThese have been challenging times, but hopefully, as the restrictions are lifted we can enjoy more freedoms and adjust to the ‘new normal’.  Many people may still be at home more than usual though and this is a good opportunity to tend to your financial wellbeing. With the Brexit clock still ticking, expatriates, in particular, can benefit from using this time to fine-tune their tax, pensions and estate planning. Here are some key considerations.Read more

French Riviera tourism: A post-pandemic crisis

France’s confinement ends on 11 May, but that doesn’t mean a return to normality. Restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels and performing arts centres still have no clear date of reopening. It is the tourism sector (worldwide) that will be hit the hardest out of this crisis and there is a spreading concern for the future of our local businesses. We list what has been cancelled and what has been postponed and a promising plan from the city of Cannes.Read more

UK pension options before Brexit deadline

Blevins Franks OfficeBrexit took place on 31 January, however, there is a grace period for the remainder of 2020 before the rules come into effect. That means there is still time to plan for what to do with your UK pension if you are residing in France. Blevins Franks offers Riviera Insider readers a few options to consider. Read more

Business Person of the Year Awards 2019

RBC Business Person of the Year award Each year, in association with the Nice Côte d'Azur Chamber of Commerce (CCI), the Riviera Business Club hosts an award for best businessperson of the year and best start-up of the year. Winners are chosen by a panel of judges who thoroughly examine the stability, growth and potential of businesses nominated by the public. Read more

Get in the Ring Sophia: The international pitch competition

Get in the Ring 2018 c. BA06Get in the Ring (GITR) is a global pitch challenge for the best new start-up. Part of Sophia Antipolis' 50th-anniversary celebrations, Riviera Press’ START Magazine and BA06 Accelerator are co-organizing the 5th French final of 'Get in the Ring' on 24 October 2019. 

 Read more