Healthy and Heavenly

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More and more people are taking an interest in where their food comes from, and the recent horsemeat scandal has certainly pushed this subject into overdrive. 'Bio' is no longer a word associated with hypersensitive hippies - many of us are actively choosing to include chemical-free foods in our diet. But what happens when you want to go out for a meal?Read more

Take your tastebuds on holiday

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Culinary tourism is the hot new trend in travel. With the increasing interest in food channels, travel shows featuring local and regional cuisine and food documentaries, more people are journeying across the globe just to enjoy a new food and wine experience.Read more

Gastronomy in the (ex-) greenhouse

If you ask the people of Albenga where is the best place to eat fish, they will often answer: Il Pernambuco. Filled with the charm of another time, this restaurant in the Viale Italia belongs to Luciano Alessandri. His wife Ivana and daughter-in-law Nicoletta run the show in the kitchen.Read more

Enjoy life without limits

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The place is buzzing, this is immediately clear. Celebrities brush shoulders with hungry visitors from throughout the region. Giancarlo Priano is in his element: he stands at the bar and welcomes the guests. Unruffled and enthusiastic, he has a kind word for everyone, even though they flood in like bees from a hive.Read more

Ducasse leads new quality label for restaurants

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If you think the cute French restaurant in a busy tourist area with a menu the size of a small novel is doing well by pumping out fast ‘traditional’ food, then think again. Odds are the ‘chef’ in that kitchen simply re-heated a frozen meal and is charging you a princely sum for the privilege. It’s a worrying trend among (bad) French restaurants, particularly here on the Côte d’Azur. But there’s hope - the country’s prized chefs are now leading a campaign to create a new quality seal of approval for customers.Read more

Beautifying Saint Tropez

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Saint Tropez will spend the next few months waking to the sound of roadworks and drills as the town undergoes a spring make over. From roads to lighting, the drainage system to the cemetery, no stone will go unvarnished. But as the beautifying projects continue, the bill is mounting and the summer is drawing closer every day.Read more

Classic cuisine: French onion soup

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Winter has well and truly set in and there's no better time to enjoy some classic French cuisine. This warming winter soup looks delectable as it bubbles at the table.Read more

Life support: Support for alcohol abuse

Dear Andy,
Following the holidays, a friend of mine has hit rock bottom and is in desperate need of help with his alcoholism. As foreigners here I have no idea where to suggest he go, or without any social security if he will even be able to get help. Can you shed some light on rehab and AA in France?
Lost in NiceRead more

Mussels à la Provençal

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This local dish is a perfect starter for your festive dinner party, making the most of the plump Mediterranean mussels that are available this time of year.Read more

A look at the markets

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How did the financial markets evolve in 2012? 2012 was a bumpy year for the financial markets, especially in Europe, as stock indexes experienced a huge drop between March and May because of the European sovereign debt crisis, before rebounding.Read more