To your health: Making SENSE of the immune system

Immunity via Shutterstock

While we are all obsessively washing and disinfecting every surface, Riviera Insider health columnist, Christine Kjeldbjerg discusses the 'hygiene hypothesis' and why it is important to consider the link between germs and a healthy immune system. She gives her top five tips on supporting a healthy and robust immune system. Read more

Finding the right private health insurance for expats

Photo by Megane Salmon, via 1514267672599People who travel often, whether privately or professionally, move abroad, leave their home country to study or commute between different places of residence should consider private international health insurance. However, the many options and providers can make finding the right coverage a difficult and confusing process.Read more

New rules: Masks required in all public spaces

Photo by   Zuzi Janek   on   ScopioAcross the world, the endless battle against COVID-19 perseveres. In France, the apprehension of new confinement measures seems to roam in the air. On 10 September, Bernard Gonzalez, the Prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes made a decree enforcing masks in all public spaces, indoors and outdoors for the majority of cities across the Côte d'Azur. These reinforced regulations to face the rise in cases is clear and an attempt to avoid, by all means, a renewal of the confinement. Read more

28th edition of Cannes' half-marathon cancelled

Le Semi de Cannes 2020**UPDATE** The cancelation of many events has brought a wave of uncertainty in the South due to the rise of COVID-19 cases. Even famous outdoor events such as the Cannes Yachting Festival or the Nice-Cannes Alpes-Maritimes marathon won’t be taking place this year. Sadly, on another negative note for running enthusiasts, the 28th edition of Cannes’ half-marathon which was cancelled on 1 March and postponed to 20 September is now also cancelled. Considering that they offered three races: the half-marathon, but also the 10k and 5k race; this would have been a good start to get back in shape!Read more

UK imposes a quarantine for travelers coming from France

Coronavirus**Updated!** The breeze is slightly more refreshing; the heatwave is finally passing over! However, the news isn’t as pleasant for those of us who wish to return to a normal rhythm of life. In France, the cases of COVID-19 are rising, though the death rate remains the same (according to the World Health Organisation). Some governments worldwide have decided to take new measures to control the sanitary situation. In that regard, the United Kingdom has decided that on Saturday, people coming from certain countries will need to be quarantined for 14 days, France included.Read more

High pollen warning: How to control your allergies

The French health ministry issued a high pollen level warning this week. Across France, pollen levels are high to extremely high. Fortunately, our region is a bit better with medium to high levels. If you or someone you know suffers from seasonal allergies, here is an article from our health writer, Christine Kjeldbjerg, on natural ways to help your body fight the pollen attack.  Read more

Cleaning your beauty routine: A guide to alternative beauty choices

Julia EdgelyLocal Irish homoeopath, Julia Edgely, is an expert in all-natural beauty products. Whether concocting beauty treatments from fresh foods or testing the latest natural makeup product, she is a wealth of information on how to keep chemicals off our skin and out of our bloodstream. Here she shares some top local spots for finding 'alternative beauty products' and gives some DIY tips for making your own beauty treatments. She even reveals the recipe for her popular cacao face mask.Read more

Have you tried Face Yoga?

Eva Lu Acupuncturist c. Fotini Efstathiou of Social Fox CreativeWhat if you could come out of this confinement looking years younger? Well, we certainly can't promise anything, but followers swear by this method to tighten and tone their face. Local ex-pat, Eva Lu, is a licenced acupuncturist from California and is certified in Face Yoga Method and Sculptural Face Lifting. From lockdown in Golfe-Juan, she has been hosting a series of free online Face Yoga sessions. Here, we bring you an article she did for Riviera Insider's Wellness special. Read more

Compassion & innovation: L. Raphael launches skin programme for young adults

Israeli beauty entrepreneur Ronit Raphael has been at the forefront of innovation in her industry for more than 30 years. She was to be a dancer, but her plans changed course at 18 when, in an effort to treat her acne, she suffered second-degree burns following an ill-informed chemical peel. During the years that followed, Ronit consulted with leading dermatologists around the world and ultimately created her own brand today known as L. Raphael.Read more

Skiing & snowshoeing against cancer

On Saturday 17th March, La Ligue Contre le Cancer (the League Against Cancer) in the Alpes-Maritimes will host the Snow Day Challenge in the ski resort of Auron. Participants can choose between a parallel slalom race down the piste or a cross-country snowshoe hike, with all proceeds going towards research, treatment and prevention strategies. Support a great cause and countless families in the region!Read more