Parenting in the Digital Age

(C) Metamorworks 1101189260 / Shutterstock.comTechnology is wonderful, but today’s parents never faced growing up with their lives posted permanently to the World Wide Web. Schools are now teaching parents about the web and why it is important to be vigilant. An article from our magazine.Read more

Caught in a trap

One thing is sure about the summer: along with the heat will come the sting of mosquitoes. Particularly dangerous – and annoying – are the tiger variety, a tropical beast that has infiltrated the French Riviera and much of Europe. But fear not! Two entrepreneurs from Aix-en-Provence have developed a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly solution that can be deployed at home as well as in public spaces. Read more

3D printed reefs: Monaco reforms its underwater landscape

Rich in life, but delicate in balance: coral reefs cover just 0.2% of our oceans yet support 30% of all marine species known to date. They are also increasingly under threat. If the natural can’t survive, could science and technology provide a solution?Read more

In-flight simulation & English-language seminars

Flying in a straight line sounds simple enough – once you are off the ground – but what about guiding a top-speed fighter jet through the Gorges du Verdon?Read more

New app for bus travel

The Envibus network has launched a new mobile application that hopes to simplify and streamline public transport travel for residents in the Communauté d'Agglomération de Sophia Antipolis (CASA). As he presented the digital tool – Envibus Ticket – on Wednesday 10th January, Mayor of Antibes Jean Leonetti said: “We must question why people still use their car, particularly when travelling into a town centre!”Read more

Former UN Secretary General salutes Cannes’ green efforts

Ban Ki-moon, the former UN Secretary General, has commended Cannes’ sustainable development and commitment to the Paris Climate Change Agreement during a visit to the city earlier today. Ki-moon was received at the mairie in Cannes by mayor David Lisnard and is currently attending the 70th Taxe Free World Exhibition at the Palais des Festivals. Read more

New electric car rental service in Nice

On 27th July, Nice inaugurated a new car rental service dubbed Izzie. In the presence of Philippe Pradal, deputy to the Mayor of Nice, and Anne De Bagneux of the Autobleue company, the new concept was revealed to the public on the Place Masséna.  Read more

Corsica Ferries equips vessels with whale tracking systems

On World Oceans Day earlier this year, Corsica Ferries announced that it was equipping four of its vessels with cetacean tracking systems to avoid collisions with whales and other marine mammals during voyages.Read more

VROOM Summit Monaco

VROOM Summit is hosting its third annual event on 27th April, where investors and technology executives are invited to meet start-up finalists from an eight-city European Caravan tour at Yacht Club de Monaco. Read more