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1st annual Nice International Art Expo


Nice Art Expo 2021 c. TLP Group

Nice is preparing for its first large-scale contemporary art fair in years. The Nice Art Expo 2021 International Exhibition is scheduled to take place in early April. But what seems like a corporate-sized event was actually started by a young, local artist. 

In 2018, Riviera Insider featured an article on Thomas Lemaire, the inspiring and business-minded photographer from Nice. He had barely entered his twenties and had already created a successful business as a corporate photographer, exhibited his photographs internationally and was named ambassador of the Côte d’Azur for his stunning shots of the region. The title of the article: ‘Nice’s rising star’ and he certainly has lived up to it!

So what has Thomas been up to in the last few years? Just single-handedly creating the largest Contemporary Art fair in Nice. After more than four years without an art fair of its own, Thomas decided it was time to bring one back. Along with his long-term partner, Dana Ponthier, they pitched the city and secured the 4,000 square metre Acropolis and got busy working with a vast network of international artists.

Despite unprecedented challenges from the current pandemic, Nice Art Expo is set to take place from 9 – 11 April. There are already over 150 artists from 5 continents signed-on, including prestigious galleries throughout the world. Plus, there will be a professional panel of judges to choose from the applicants and award prizes.

It is especially important for artists to have a space like this as the pandemic has eliminated the opportunity for artists across the world to showcase (and sell) their art. From galleries to museums, to local coffee shops and boutiques, artwork that used to be on display and easily ship across the planet has been at a standstill. And so have artists’ livelihoods.

Student artist competition Nice Art Expo 2021 c. TLP Group

But Thomas and Dana aren’t stopping with working artists. They are creating a space for students as well and there is still time to apply to exhibit at the Expo!

The "Young Talents in Contemporary Art" offers the 8 young artists, self-taught, or art school students the opportunity to benefit from the first exhibition of their work.

The competition is open to contemporary artists of any medium, from 16 to 26 years of age. Running from October, the entry deadline is 31 January, so time is running out! If you know of any young artist who would benefit from this opportunity, share the link with them.

Selected students will have a designated exhibition space within the Acropolis and there will be a juried prize and a public choice award presented during a ceremony on 11 April.

To enter the student artist competition, click here:

For more information on the Expo or to buy tickets, visit the site: