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44th Monte-Carlo Circus Festival


Monte-Carlo Circus FestivalOn 16 January, the Principality will once again become the global circus capital with the 44th International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo, as well as the 9th New Generation Festival (1st and 2nd of February 2020), which is the only competition in the world totally dedicated to young artists in a ring.

Under the presidency of H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie, these two events will reward the best artists with Gold Clowns and Juniors, in front of an audience who will get to witness their skills in the Fontvieille big top. Les Clowns en Folie, the emblematic band of clowns that have been at the Festival for over 20 years will welcome the audience to the big top with a wide repertoire of music.

This year’s edition will pay tribute to the horse: Arabian horses, Friesians, Spanish and Portuguese stallions will all be presented by a team of horsemen from the Swiss national circus Knie. The greatest circus family names will be in the ring, including Ivan Knie, Maicol and the Wioris Errani Caroussel.

The courier act and liberty horses will be the highlight but acrobatics, another cornerstone of traditional circus. These amazing performers include an incredible flying plate act from China, with 16 young ladies balancing 6 poles in each hand, topped with spinning plates. They perform dizzying hand-to-hand and balancing tricks.

The Flying Tuniziani are 9 artistes who work in a double line to perform a succession of tricks 10 metres high. They do double somersaults with pirouettes, triple pike somersaults and double somersaults with double pirouettes caught by the feet. It is a unique performance in the world.

Sandro Montez has been passionate about animals since his childhood. He created a dog act that blows away the audience, playing with his border collies, Belgian papillons and Chihuahuas in the most incredible way. The audience won’t be able to tell who is having more fun, the trainer or the dogs!

The Extreme Fly bar act is made of four young Ukrainian gymnasts who have been very successful since they changed career and now perform spectacular tricks on three bars. Leaping from one bar to the next, the synchronisation in their act is perfect.

Finally, Elastic, a Belgian theatre clown will enthral the audience with hilarious surprises.

This famous Monegasque tradition is fun for the whole family, bringing together young and old to enjoy the magic of the circus!