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Like the bread of olden days

When making her bread, Simona Taddeo follows her own personal recipes that are full of passion and energy. She is part of a new generation in Liguria; one that wants to stand on its own two feet despite the many hurdles. At Il Pane Di Simona, every bite is exquisite.

Riviera Insider: Your bread, pizza and focaccia are simply delicious! They taste just like they used to in a bygone time. How have you achieved this?

Simona Taddeo: I only use stone-milled Italian grains of organic origin with Lievito Madre, an Italian sourdough that contains flour, water, olive oil and honey. It can be used for light bread and bun dough as well as pizza, sweet yeast and darker bread dough. Many of the cereals I use today had been ‘forgotten’. It was a great pleasure to rediscover them.

Where did the concept for your bakery, with its organic appetisers and snacks, come from?

It has always been my passion to bake special bread. Here in this area, there are hardly any organic baked goods made from quality cereals. The flour options available can ultimately cause health problems. When I was preparing to open the bakery, I attended courses all over Italy to deepen my research... I came across so many different and ancient cereals. There are 52 of them in Sicily alone! I also always offer gluten-free and vegan products. I do not use greasy fats in my baking either: I make bread with figs, apricots, squash and nuts.

Your shop on the Via Aurelia in Pietra Ligure is open every day from June to September. You do all the purchasing, dough preparation, baking, and stand in the shop and sell! How can one person manage all that alone?

It is indeed very hard work, but I try to organise myself as well as possible. I also try to avoid night shifts! It is important to me to dedicate myself to the customer and to act as advisor. For example, if you keep it in a dry kitchen towel, my bread will last for over a week. Some customers are interested to learn that I use other cereals daily such as quinoa, amaranth, linseed, millet, spelt and buckwheat, which they can also buy in part from me.

What do your customers value most?

That my products are gut-friendly and that inflammation and irritations of the digestive system are prevented, even if they are consumed regularly! You can also order your favourite bread via my Facebook page: @ilpanedisimonaanticoforno.