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Cancer charity suffering after covid-dominated year


La Ligue Contre le cancerLa Ligue Contre le Cancer is appealing for donations after a year of Covid-dominated health care. The local organisation that supplies hospitals and supports families with cancer is struggling after an alarming drop in donations this year. 2020 has been a trying year for everyone, but especially sick people, experiencing delays in treatments, lack of funding and increased risk due to immune compromisation.

For La Ligue Contre le Cancer, everyone's donations are precious to enable them to continue to help families here in 06, to support them as best as possible, to defend their rights with the public authorities and to advance research.

Despite the challenges they faced this year, La Ligue continued their efforts throughout the year to help the local sick people:

  • Continued support care by telephone and videoconferencing ;
  • Purchase of tactile tablets to break the isolation of hospitalised people during confinement ;
  • Purchase of a telepresence robot and armchair beds for the carers of the paediatric Onco-haematology department at Hopital Archet 2 in Nice.

But "donation is essential to continue these efforts," reminds Professor Maurice Schneider, voluntary President of the Alpes-Maritimes Committee of the 'League Against Cancer.'

And let's not forget that every little gesture counts and that small streams give birth to big rivers.

To make a donation directly to La Ligue Contre le Cancer, click here.

Mimosa Matters

Mimosa Matters at Archet 2

The local charity organisation, Mimosa Matters is incredibly active locally with fundraising events and works closely with La Ligue Contre le Cancer.

They helped to fund the large cancer support centre in Antibes and continually work with the organisation and also directly donate to local hospitals.

Just last month, they donated 8 parent beds to the pediatric oncology unit of L’Archet 2 in Nice. This gives a place for parents of sick children to be able to stay and care for their kids during treatment.

And just in time for the holiday, they brought bundles of gift-wrapped toys and games to the kids of the cancer unity. This was due to the very generous support of their Mimosa Christmas card sale and to the fantastic fundraising efforts within the community. 

To make a donation to Mimosa, visit their website:

To order their Christmas cards designed by local children, email: