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Cannes Entrepreneurship Summit 2020


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Bringing together four leading events in the Côte d'Azur startup ecosystem (BA06Get In The RingWomen in Tech, and the Cannes DDA is up). This was the wager of the first CES (Cannes Entrepreneurship Summit) organisers for this autumn under Covid-19. This gamble was taken up last Thursday and Friday with a first day at the Cannes International Campus and a second, between work and leisure, in the Saint-Marguerite Island's idyllic setting. 

Each of the four events, due to the context, could not have the same dimension as in previous years. Nevertheless, together they made it possible to rally the innovative community and, above all, to finally initiate a business relaunch.

BA06: Spotlight on new projects in the pipeline

BA06 Meetings, CES 2020The first day, BA06 brought together 38 startups selected by the organisers of Datacorp in the Cannes International Campus's outdoor courtyard. The day involved more than 300 face-to-face meetings scheduled with potential investors, innovation coaches, or contractors' representatives. The great diversity in these projects ranges from the use of bamboo in support of the environment (Bamboo for live) to "new space" with Enova aerospace (Cannes), a company working on the atmospheric re-entry of nanosatellites.

There are also some quality projects currently in development, such as Emotivi (combating seniors' emotional isolation through communication) or Hobiz, a platform of services for companies dedicated to managing customer credit... Some startups are already up and running, such as WHATUXRU, which is in charge of unearthing UX design's global talents, and MNEMOTIX, a digital cooperative. There are also existing startup extensions such as Phygital Immo in Sophia (a diversification of Immo-Neo in coaching and online training for individuals wishing to sell their property themselves) or Gérer ma boite, awarded at the end of the day by their victory of in the Get In The Ring 2020. Several startups from this BA06 will actually be present at the Startup Factory on Thursday at the Espaces Antipolis.

GITR: Sandra Lasbats with Gérer ma boite will go to the world finals in Montreal

GITR Final, Vincent Trastour (left), Vincent Garnier (middle),Sandra Lasbats (right)The Get In The Ring France took over from BA06 at the end of the day, and it was Sandra Lasbats, founder of Gérer ma boite, who won. She "hit" the hardest and won the successive duels electrified by the host Vincent Garnier. During these "battles," she competed against Antoine Yoeung of WHATUXRU. Then, for the final, against Vincent Trastour from Flamingo Filter. As a result, she will take part in the world grand final in Montreal in February 2021 and will once again defend Gérer ma boite. Based in Nice, her company allows small businesses to digitalise and automatise their administrative operations and thus save a lot of time.

The three laureates of Women in Tech Sud

Women in Tech Sud, Cécile Dartanian (left), Sophie Benyamin (middle), and Elodie Sarfati (right)

Women in Tech Sud is an initiative aimed at shedding light on women in the tech sector. During the event, they featured three innovative women entrepreneurs: Elodie Sarfati, co-founder of People In (Avignon), a company that pre-selects anonymously the most relevant candidates in terms of expertise and personal skills; Sophie Benyamin, founder of BKube in Nice, a secure, ransomware-protected backup system that enables small and medium-sized businesses to store and secure their data; Cécile Dartanian, co-founder of the Böö laboratories in Cabris, which uses the blockchain to preserve and honour ancestral knowledge.

A final on Île Sainte-Marguerite with the DDA

DDA event, team building activityThe DDA prepared the "icing on the cake" on Friday on the island of Sainte-Marguerite. This organisation which stands for "Déconnectez-vous, Détendez-vous, Amusez-vous," or in English "Disconnect, Relax, Have Fun," planned a day of team building sessions, coaching workshops, and business and friendly meetings. All this to get back in top shape.



- Jean-Pierre Largillet from Webtime Medias

The Riviera Press team, lead by Emilie Boyom, was the lead organiser of this massive event that had so many obstacles along the way, especially with the increasing health and safety regulations. Several months of non-stop work is what it took to pull it off. We are so pleased and impressed with their tireless dedication. Chapeau!!