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Cannes Fireworks Festival


Florian Fifer Cannes Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique will take place in the Bay of Cannes between July 14 and August 24. This International Fireworks Festival gathers various countries around Europe but also overseas - all entering the competition to win for the best show. 

 The competition will see five competitors - from five different countries across Europe and the Atlantic - try to win the prize in a battle of pyrotechnical art. For the event, Cannes welcomes in its Bay five floating barges in the middle of the night. A jury of experts will be ranking the competitors of the Festival International d’Art Pyrotechnique - among them will be specialists and passionates, as well as the crowd who can vote for their favorite fireworks display online. 

 For this new edition of the Pyrotechnical Festival, pyro-musical scenarios will put on exceptional shows. All competitors will let the powder talk, beginning this week-end with the first show introduced by Germany on July 14 at 10pm. Then will come Italy (on July 21), Austria (on July 29), Sweden (on August 7), the United States (on August 15) and for the grand finale France (on August 24). This year’s competition carries on a long legacy of pyrotechnical art. In fact, the Festival International d’Art Pyrotechnique was created in 1967, and has become through the years the most prestigious pyrotechnical competition in the world. 

 Nowadays almost 100 000 people attend the shows, against only 80 000 in 1998. Adults and children alike will look up to the sky at night and let themselves travel to the sound of music and pyrotechnicians’ creativity. Their innovations are more and more specific, all of this to win the “Vestale d’Argent” - a prize that gives the pyrotechnicians the opportunity to come back to Cannes every four years to compete for the “Vestale d’Or”. Innovation, aesthetic richness, staging, synchronisation and rhythm are the skills examined by the jury to become the best of them all. Simultaneously, people can vote online for their favorite show and award the “Prix du Public”.

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- Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle