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Cannes: Sean Connery to ring in the New Year


bâche Sean Connery façade Palais (c) Mairie de Cannes (1)For the city of Cannes, it is more important than ever that the new year brings with it the hope of a return to joy and culture. To symbolise this passage, David Lisnard, mayor of Cannes, chose to display the mischievous and seductive face of the great Sean Connery on the symbolic cap of the Palais des Festivals et Congrès.

In place from December 16th until the end of January, the "Cannes is eternal, best wishes 2021" tarpaulin features a photo from the Traverso collection, taken in front of the Carlton in 1965, the year the actor presented his film "The hill of the lost men" at the 18th edition of the Cannes Film Festival.

The legendary actor passed away on October 31, 2020, and this is considered a fitting tribute to the heartthrob of the silver screen. Mr Connery visited Cannes often and even lived many years on the Côte d’Azur, which you can read about in our article, “Sean Connery: The world loses a legend”. 

David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes made a statement about why the actor was picked to usher in this most important year:

"Sean Connery perfectly embodies the generosity of the star who lends himself to the game of photographers and the public, the carefree period of cinematographic creativity, the brilliance of the beautiful hours shared around the cinema. I wanted our emblematic Palais des Festivals Festivals et Congrès to pay homage to him and to be dressed in the image of this actor with the personality of a free man, with a message of wishes carrying the hope that Cannes is eternal.”

The highly appreciated video of the tarpaulin installation generated nearly 42,000 views and more than 1,600 interactions in just two days on social networks! The words "magic", "hope" and "smile" were abundantly cited. The image of Sean Connery warms hearts despite the cancellation of many major events in 2020 because Cannes is eternal and nothing will change its DNA. To watch the video of the installation on Facebook, click here

Furthermore, the Cannes photographer Gilles Traverso, son of Henri Traverso the photographer of the shot, expressed his pleasure to see an image from the collection for the first time in such large dimensions (25 m long x 11 m high).

"I am very proud that the Traverso Collection will be present for the 2021 Wishes, which will be held in the famous Palais des Festivals. And I am also delighted to set a record: an image of 275 m2 is a format never before achieved in the various exhibitions presented in the last 25 years!” stated Gilles Traverso.

The tribute can be seen on the cap of the Palais in Cannes until 31 January.