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Compassion & innovation: L. Raphael launches skin programme for young adults

Israeli beauty entrepreneur Ronit Raphael has been at the forefront of innovation in her industry for more than 30 years. She was to be a dancer, but her plans changed course at 18 when, in an effort to treat her acne, she suffered second-degree burns following an ill-informed chemical peel. During the years that followed, Ronit consulted with leading dermatologists around the world and ultimately created her own brand today known as L. Raphael.

Although her work has typically been directed towards her adult clients – L. Raphael is a pioneer in state-of-the-art treatments such as its Oxy-technologies and patented LEC 40 lipid complex – in 2018, she has returned to the roots of her experience by launching the Young Program for teenagers.

“I specifically designed the Program to provide solutions to many of the common concerns young people have today,” she says from the rooftop terrace of her 900m² spa at the Hôtel Martinez in Cannes, “including acne and skin complaints, weight and issues linked to nutrition, and excessive body hair.”

As a mother of three and a former sufferer of bad skin, Ronit is more than familiar with the blows these problems can inflict on self-confidence: “Watching my children come face-to-face with similar challenges drives me to develop more and more effective solutions that can help them and other teenagers around the world.”

The Young Program is available at all L. Raphael locations (Cannes, Geneva, Verbier, Kazakhstan, New York and Beverly Hills) and takes the form of individual and group sessions to help build body-confidence: “True beauty radiates from the inside out and can have a major effect on a teenager’s self-esteem at an important growth phase of their lives.”

When Riviera Insider met with Ronit during the Film Festival in May, she was also in the process of unveiling a new range for the over 30s: CollaJet. This ‘youth boosting’, multi-step treatment employs a pure oxygen jet technology and ampules containing the Argireline anti-wrinkle peptide and collagen.

“The results can be noticed immediately after completing the treatment,” she says, “with clients telling us about the improved radiance, even tone and elasticity of their skin as well as a reduction of wrinkles and restored volume in their face, neck, décolleté and arms.”