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Discover Valbonne: A village with 500 years of history


Valbonne by lhermiesylvie0

Just a short trip from coast, Valbonne offers a unique atmosphere with its medieval architecture, typical of a Provençal village. Peaceful in its shaded alleys, warmed by its shops and restaurants, Valbonne hides many curiosities. The sundials, the pulleys, the lintels, the fountains, the Place des Arcades, the old Town Hall, the Abbey... There are a thousand and one reasons to get lost in its winding ancient alleys.

A relevant bit of history...

It was Augustin de Grimaldi, Bishop of Grasse, who took the initiative in 1519 to create this new ‘bonne’ village with the help of communities from neighbouring hamlets and the Haut-Pays, to repopulate the area devastated by the plague since 1351 - little fact that we have a better understanding of now. The layout of the planned village was based on the rectangular Roman plan with a central street, a perpendicular street and a central square. The village been practically maintained in its present state.

Art in the city

The village has long since inspired artists and craftsmen, the majority of whom open the doors of their workshop where you can discover their savoir-faire, appreciate the quality of their work and leave with an original piece. Along the streets, you can discover an artistic route of monumental works of art by internationally known artists.

Local products

Valbonne is also a pleasure for the taste buds and good products. Thus, a communal vineyard was created in 1995 with 300 vines to maintain the tradition of Servan, a late harvest grape cultivated in the last century. The communal olive grove, located in the heart of the technopole, is part of the same approach. The trees are between 150 and 200 years old. There is also a local goat farm brings that brings pastoralism back to the community.

Explore the woods

The town is surrounded by seven carefully preserved hiking trails that allow you to discover all the richness of the local fauna and flora. Escape the hot summer heat under the shade of the umbrella pines and the coolness of the Brague River, ideal during the summer season.

Treasure hunts

To mark the 500th anniversary of the village and the 50th anniversary of Sophia Antipolis in 2019, the Commune has launched a treasure hunt game, a fun way to discover the city to be done as a family. Free to collect at the tourist office or at the reception desk of the Town Hall.


A series of events highlight the Valbonne summer in July and August:

-Every Wednesday: night craft market and artistic performance by the sculptor Charles Cermolacce in the courtyard of the abbey.

-Every Sunday: outdoor cinema (French and English)

-Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays: Boulevard Carnot becomes pedestrian only for extended terraces and live entertainment.

-Free guided tours of the village every Friday at 3 pm in July and August

Tourist information office: +33 (0)4 93 12 34 50.