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A family affair: Balitrand celebrates 95 years in the French Riviera

Balitrand still remains the ultimate shopping destination for home projects after 95 years What began as a small, family run company in post-WWI Cannes has become a multimillion euro business with over 600 employees, 1,000 brands and 28 outlets across the south of France.

Within the French community, the name of Balitrand is one that is trusted, valued and relied upon. With its four distinct divisions – Balitrand (tools and equipment), Big Mat (building materials), Home Store (interior furnishings and accessories) and Home Store Côté Bain (everything you could need for the bathroom) – the brand is easily the most comprehensive provider of professional construction, DIY and design products. It has come to dominate the industry in the region.

Since 2013, the group has been led by Jean-Luc Panetta, who first began working for the company as a shop assistant. He says it is a mark of Balitrand’s respect for its staff that someone can enter at the most junior level and go on to become president: “The human element is very important to us… We look after our staff well and when we are looking at locations for new stores, we try wherever we can to build in places where unemployment is high.”

At Panetta’s side is a specialist team of advisors who are ready at any moment to assist store clients with questions great and small. The Balitrand village in Cannes-la-Bocca, which brings together all core divisions – is the ultimate shopping destination for home projects of all kinds. Whether it’s technical building advice or a guide for the latest interior design trends (Panetta tells Riviera Insider that while the Scandi style is continuing in 2017, warm African colours such as bold orange and greens as well as rose, indigo and bright yellow also have their place this year), visit your local Balitrand outlet for all the support you need.