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Fed-up neighbours: Cannes fines villa owner for continual parties


Creative CommonsRaucous all-night parties, paid-entry to day-long ragers and blatant disregard for Covid safety measures. After terrorising the neighbourhood for the entire summer, two villas in Cannes have been formally reprimanded and fined— to the delight of neighbours and the mayor himself. 

On Monday 31 August, the city of Cannes finally obtained the right to stop the owner of two villas, "Khayat" and "La Bastide”, from organising paid parties. The order granted by the Judge of the Judicial Court of Grasse condemns the owner to pay 15,000 euros in the case of any new disturbances as well as 2,500 euros to pay for the cost of the procedure. The repeated parties of the two adjoining villas had been occurring several times a week, day and night, gathering hundreds of people since June 6, 2020. 
Cities that are popular with tourist attractions, especially when it comes to the younger generations, are susceptible to parties that can cause disruptions during the summer. The weather is optimal, the environment is heavenly with the sea on one side and the mountain on the other, and people want to let off some steam— these combinations usual brings an unwelcome surprise to locals. Noise disturbances, neighbourhood unrest, and in regard to public order, hygiene and social distancing violations in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. 
"These gatherings, organized this summer without taking into account the health situation and government measures to fight against the spread of Covid-19, have seriously disturbed the peace of residents and an entire neighborhood, disrupted public order and endangered public health (...) It is necessary to continue this tireless struggle so that the freedom of some does not harm the freedom of others." David Lisnard, Cannes' mayor.
Party peopleIn Cannes, the owner of the "Khayat" and "La Bastide” had been renting his residences to multiple companies who specialise in events. Located in the Basse Californie-Republic district, the two villas share an interconnected garden that would regularly turn into paid open-air clubs. These events caused recurring disruptions throughout the neighbourhood, occasionally causing violent brawls between the Municipal Police of Cannes at the participants of those parties. 
Subsequently, the local residents requested police and municipal interventions throughout the summer. In compliance to these demands, David Lisnard, Cannes’ mayor, initiated legal proceedings against the owner for his persistence in the issue. The pronouncement of the order by the Judge on August 31, 2020 estimated that the owner had been circumventing the regulations of the drinking establishments which were normally open to the public but had been closed due to social distancing regulations. Other violations regarding the repeated disturbances in the neighbourhood and the owner’s non-compliance were established. 
- Charlotte Gillet