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Florists reopen for Lily of the Valley to save May 1st


Despite the corona crisis, lilies of the valley will be available for sale in France on May 1st - a tradition that is reluctant to go without. Photo: Bolanu Teslaru Andrei, PixabayIn France, the 1st of May is not complete without the traditional good luck charm of fresh Lily of the Valley (Muguet in French)Preparation for the sale of these precious white flowers starts three years in advance and if the flowers don’t get sold, they wind up in the bin! Roadside sales have been prohibited for the upcoming holiday, so how can you get these little white fleurs for May 1st? We’ve gathered a list of several florists in the Côte d’Azur who are offering delivery or pick-up. 

Like many other local businesses, Florists (and their providers) have been hit hard by the confinement. So don’t stop at Lily of the Valley - make sure to support our struggling businesses and get some beautiful spring flowers to brighten up your home. Peonies and tulips are in season!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have other addresses to recommend, we’ll update the list!



Acacia Fleurs
92 Avenue Michel Jourdan
06150 Cannes
Tel: 04 93 48 13 13  

The shop remains closed but they are offering free delivery (from 20€) in Cannes and surrounding towns. Order before 29 April. 

Roni Floral Design
9 Rue Teisseire
06400 Cannes
Tel: 04 93 30 09 64

-> See Juan-les-Pins

16 Rue Jean de Riouffe
06400 Cannes 

Large selection of single flowers for 1€50 to potted plants and arrangements. See Facebook page for photos. They also work directly with producers in Holland for spring bulbs. 



Roni Floral Design
06 rue Sainte Marguerite
06160 Juan-les-Pins
Tel: 06 14 62 25 47


Le Cannet 

Au Cannet Fleuri 
58, blvd Sadi Carnot
06110 Le Cannet
Tel: 06 59 43 37 29 

L'Ami Martin 
2, blvd Gambetta
06110 Le Cannet
Tel: 04 93 45 80 22 or 06 12 36 75 81

Mauvais Graine 
89, Sauvaigo Square
06110 Le Cannet
Tel: 04 83 14 58 85 or 06 82 84 96 90

Mi-fruit mi-fleur
42, chemin des Campelières 
06110 Le Cannet
Tel: 06 09 09 64 05

Offering Lily of the Valley pots and arrangements. Specialty in making arrangements with fruits. 

Montceau Fleurs 
117, blvd Sadi Carnot 
06110 Le Cannet
Tel: 04 93 68 75 39 or 06 45 99 43 48. 



Fred's Florist 
427 Ave. Font-Roubert
06250 Mougins
Tel: 04 93 43 40 59

Orders, deliveries, drive (order collection only). Information and orders on Facebook and Instagram. Every Tuesday from April 28th is a fresh arrival of peonies direct from an eco producer (without pesticide or herbicide). Stock is limited, make sure to order before Sunday morning.



Monjardin Florist 
7 Avenue Notre Dame
06000 Nice
Tel. 04 93 85 14 24 or 06 65 61 81 77 

3-strand Lily of the valley plants, extra quality with a nice flowerpot: 20€; with an orchid flower in a ceramic flowerpot: 25 €. Flower bowls in ceramic with 3- strand Lily of the valley and other plants of the season (white and/or pink) from 35€. Possibility of contactless delivery or pick up in the shop. For any order, please call.


Vallauris - Golfe-Juan

A Nos Racines
1515 Chemin de Saint Bernard
06220 Vallauris
Tel. 04 93 64 02 53

Orders on the online shop before April 28th. Deliveries on 29 and 30 April to the address of your choice. Collection in the shop from Wednesday 29 April from 9am to 6pm. Information also on Facebook and Instagram.

Audace Florale
50 Avenue de la Liberté
06220 Vallauris (Golfe-Juan)
Tel: 04 93 61 37 39

Offering Lily of the Valley from local producers in the Var and ships throughout France. Also offering their regular selection of beautiful flower bouquets.