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GoMecano mobile mechanics to repair caretaker's vehicles


GoMecano TeamFor the duration of the lockdown, Gomecano is mobilising mechanics across the region to intervene free of charge on caretakers' vehicles. Thanks to strong support from Allianz France, the mobile mechanic start-up is doing their part to assist those assisting us. Whether it's a flat tyre, dead battery or something more involved, GoMecano mechanics will arrive on-site to repair or replace, free of charge. 

Gomecano is a mobile mechanic company, bringing their fully-stocked van to your home or place of work (or location of breakdown) to repair, replace or just perform your Contrôle Technique. Customers can visit their website and make an appointment with a mechanic from the online diary. By entering the car’s plate number, the system can find the necessary part(s) and estimate the time required to do the repair or service. If ordered early, parts can be procured within four hours and the mechanic will come to you. 

The innovative start-up was created by two local friends, Alexander Nivesse and Mathias Boutsen. Friends since childhood, they had a long-time goal of opening a business together and in 2017, GoMecano was born.

In an interview earlier this year with co-founder, Alexander, he told us how the idea came to be: 

“I rode my motorbike back and forth to Monaco every day and never had time to maintain it or simply to change my tyres. I had found a mechanic who offered repairs at home and found the idea rather ingenious. I talked to Mathias, who was still working in mechanics. We thought we could adapt the idea to cars and offer a home mechanic service. GOMECANO was born!”

In just a few years, GoMecano has proven to be one of the hottest start-ups in the region, securing funding and support from the Initiative Agglomération Sophia Antipolis (IASA) network, the France Active network, the Telecom Paris Tech Incubator, Allianz Accelerator, Sophia Business Angels, Paca Emergence and Bpifrance. Last October, Go Mecano was the winner of the Get In The Ring Sophia Antipolis pitch competition. It’s been a fast journey and they continue to climb.  

“We started out with 5 mechanics and achieved a turnover of €145 K in the first year,” says Alexander. At the time of the interview, their goal was to be present in six major cities in France by the end of 2020. But the Coronavirus has changed everything - as it has for everyone - and they have adapted to the confinement as best they can. 

Working diligently with Allianz Assurances, they have created an initiative to repair the vehicles of health care and essential workers during the period of confinement. We spoke with Alexander again to learn more about this great new program:

Why this initiative, how did you come up with this idea? 

It is very complicated for our carers to have their vehicles repaired with the majority of closed garages and very few suppliers available for spare parts. Partner mechanics make themselves available to intervene on the vehicles of those who are obliged to travel during the confinement period. In addition, our mechanics are all mobile to avoid our caregivers from needing additional travel. 

How do you intervene? 

We will carry out interventions that are vital to the proper functioning of the vehicle, i.e., routine maintenance, replacement of braking elements, batteries, tyres and the repair of vehicles breakdowns. The mechanics will be able to intervene directly when possible at their place of work or at home. Caregivers will only have to present proof of the request beforehand. Our team will be mobilised to manage the interventions and help with the logistics of spare parts. With Allianz France we want to go further by offering all mechanics across France the opportunity to join the "GoMecano and Allianz, Solidaires avec nos soignants" movement. 

To request an intervention, contact GoMecano by e-mail: or by phone: +33 (0)805 39 0003