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The Gorges du Verdon reopen to the public


Gorge du Verdon by Noel Bauza

Forced to close down last Monday 17 August due to violent gusts of wind, the beautiful Verdon gorges have now reopened on 19 August with all the necessary precautions. The winds that had prevented people from going to this small canyon caused boats to be stuck at the end of the river. Every canoes, paddle boards, and pedal boats had to be brought back by rescue teams because they were unable to reach their starting points due to the weather. Nonetheless, the location is now accessible again for people to plunge into the majestic landscapes between the towns of Castellane and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

Upon arriving to the gorges, visitors will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful turquoise water that will be there to welcome them. Between the cliffs that range between 250 to 700 meters high, the River Verdon has carved its way through to create the gorge for centuries. The colour of the limestone cliffs, which appear almost white, creates a magnificent contrast with the greenery that surrounds it. For anyone needing a complete change of scenery, this is the place to be. Nature is well preserved and people will be able to find all types of animals, from fishes swimming in the river to vultures roaming above in the sky.  

Gorges du Verdon by OT Gréoux

Once there, whether visitors stay a day or more, many entertaining activities will present themselves. Swimming, biking, canoeing, fishing, paragliding… there’s no lack of choice. Every leisure activity is supervised by professionals to guarantee everyone’s safety which gives you the opportunity to focus on the thrilling adventurous activities without worrying. Additionally, there are many trails that offer access to great sightseeing spots such as the Point Sublime, the Belvédère de L’Escalés, the Belvédère de Mayreste, the Corniche Sublime, etc. Finally, there is also the possibility to spend a relaxing day by the artificial bating lakes.

- Charlotte Gillet