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Grasse perfumeries switch to making hand gel for hospitals


hand-disinfection gel-Photo Klaus Hausmann on Pixabay

In the face of catastrophe, the brightest light is the solidarity that immerges to help our workers, our neighbours and those who put themselves at risk. Over and above the appreciation we all show from our balconies and windows each evening at 8 pm, there are many local perfume and cosmetic companies that immediately mobilised to make hand sanitising gel to support local hospitals and pharmacies.

In Grasse, perfume companies took the call and other cosmetic companies across the Alpes-Maritime joined in the fight to keep the spread of Covid-19 low. Here we take a look at these regional businesses who are working at full speed to tackle this global health crisis.


Established in Grasse since 1998, the pioneer of nebulisation solutions, recognised for mist disinfection usually used in cleanrooms in laboratories, is currently rethinking its solution to adapt it to all types of spaces in order to combat the spread of coronavirus. The result? A kind of coat hanger that diffuses fine droplets (2.5 microns) of disinfectant products without rinsing. One more proof of the flexibility of the Grasse company, which is already preparing for post-confinement.
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Arthes Group

Established in the heart of the Bois de Grasse since 1978, the family business known for its Jeanne Arthes and Jeanne en Provence brands has also modified its production lines to provide hydroalcoholic gel. Since 26 March, 20,000 to 30,000 bottles of 100 to 500 ml have been dispatched daily to hospitals in the Alpes-Maritimes, the Bouches-du-Rhône, the National Police and local authorities. 

A "natural impulse of solidarity" for Thibaud Perrin, CEO, who also announced that the majority of posts had been maintained that the group had donated its stocks of masks and gloves to the local medical corps and that it would eventually be able to produce 100,000 bottles per day of 100 or 500 ml.
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Jean Bouis 

Descendent of Parfumerie Bouis, founded in Opio in 1908, Jean Bouis opened his atelier in 1930. Today, it's Jean's grandson, Franck, who runs the 800 square metre perfumery in the heart of Vallauris. Taking the virus very seriously, he set out straight away to make the much needed hydroalcoholic gel. He sent home his eight employees for their safety and works furiously by himself producing the gel to help nursing staff, ambulance drivers, and the Ephad in Vallauris. Franck refuses to sell any of the 200 litres of gel he manages to produce each day, saying there is no shortage of requests from health workers.  
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The flavour and fragrance creation specialist based in Bar-sur-Loup immediately responded to the call issued by a ministerial decree allowing companies that manufacture medicines, biocides (disinfectants, etc.) or cosmetics to manufacture hydroalcoholic gel. It is therefore in response to its "duty as a corporate citizen", as Jean Mane, the company's CEO, pointed out, "that we have made some of our mixing units available and shared our best techniques". To date, more than 10 tons have been supplied to Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, administrations and certain municipalities. A drop of water in the ocean, so great are the needs, but Jean Mane assures us that "we will continue as long as we are needed!"
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LMR Naturals by IFF

Solicited by the hospitals of Grasse and Salon-de-Provence, LMR Naturals (owned by the American giant, International Flavors & Fragrances) was able to respond in a hurry, as Marc Philippe, the site's technical director, explains: "We first checked to see if we had the ingredients, and half a day later, we made 1,300 litres."

A few days later, the supply at the Grasse Hospital was full again. Concerned about the health and safety of its employees, customers, partners and the people around it, the company has already confirmed that it will continue to work as closely as possible with the hospitals to overcome this ordeal together.
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Although it has announced that it has very quickly closed its industrial sites in India and South Africa, the Robertet group will maintain its production activity in Grasse while manufacturing hydroalcoholic gels and protecting the health of its employees and collaborators.
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Sofia Cosmetics

This eco and ocean-friendly cosmetics company based in Carros, could read the writing on the wall and got straight to work on formulating a disinfecting hand solution. It was their quick thinking and immediate planning that made the company able to supply hand gel to most of the municipalities in the Alpes-Maritimes during the first round of municipal elections in March. They continue to devote 90% of their manufacturing capacity to the sanitising gel and have since supplied hundreds of thousands of units to hospitals, EPHADs and pharmacies locally and throughout France. 
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It's not just cosmetic companies getting in to help, other manufacturers are lending a helping hand as well. In the Var, Sanogia produces sanitising hand gel, but their production was already maxed-out when the demand hit. So their neighbour in the Signes business park stepped up to help. Quai Sud produces herbal teas and coffees, but their bottling facility allowed Sanogia to produce more than 15,000 hydroalcoholic gels and disinfectant sprays within three days. These went directly to support medical and hospital staff.