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Hairdresser to the stars, star of hairdressers

His haircuts aren't cheap, but they are the ultimate luxury experience Rossano Ferretti always wanted to revolutionise the world of hair styling. He already knew he could at 15, when he first went to London, and declared: “My hands can create beauty.” Today, several decades later, the conviction he has in himself and his team is quite remarkable – even for one of the best hairdressers in the world. However, you have to have this level of self-belief if you are going to build a worldwide hairdressing empire for the rich and famous.

Rossano has created, among other things, a very particular style of hair cutting – The Method. It is revered as one of the most respected innovations in haircutting of the past 40 years and follows the natural fall of hair by cutting vertically and masterfully rendering invisible the snips of his scissors.

“A cut like this can last two or three months,” he explains. “This is the most important benefit of the Method.” It also strips away the need for elaborate styling. “I can change a person in 10 minutes,” Ferretti adds, and not just in any old way. “I underline and enhance a woman’s beauty.”

Hair and personality are harmonised: the customer is happy with the final look when they view the mirror. He is constantly considering new trends, but also states: “It is crucial to be yourself.”

His early salons used The Method and before long, celebrities from every industry were visiting him for his talents and individual styling. The first was opened in Parma, his native homeland in Italy, and was followed by some of the most high-profile metropolises in the world – Milan, Madrid, Rome, Miami and later New York, Dubai and Shanghai. Now, finally, he has come to Monaco.

From mid-May, Rossano and his specialist team will be serving the glossy heads of Monaco with The Method in a brand new annex of the Hôtel de Paris. Overlooking the port and with Dior as a neighbour, this is a unique lightfilled location that spoke to the hairdresser, forever an artist.

We meet for our interview in the lobby of the five-star hotel. He has flown in directly from Parma, having left at 5am for his flight. It was his mother’s birthday the day before and family is sacred to Rossano. Long after he flew the nest, this now-grown son still speaks to his mama every day.

His salons are often of a modest size – hair spas – with a manageable-sized team. This allows him to guarantee a bespoke treatment for every client, especially here in Monaco where that might be on their yacht or at their private residence. “I was against everything [in the industry],” he recalls, gesturing with his hands. “The customary cuts, the look of a salon… I wanted to give the customers an experience on a whole new level. I wanted them to feel relaxed as if in their living room. I was a revolutionary.”

Today, Rossano reserves his skills for only the most lucky of clients and at their express request. It is all a matter of price.