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For a healthy lockdown: Take the Fun Food Challenge!


100 Plant foods challenge

Christine Kjeldbjerg and Lucy Kelly are two registered nutritional therapists working on the French Riviera. They have collaborated to create the "Fun Food Diversity challenge", as a way to maintain “Unity in the community” during the lockdown, and at the same time support immunity and keep us healthy! 

Christine also happens to be Riviera Insider’s health columnist, so if you are a regular reader, her name will be familiar. This is a great chance to join an online community to get that extra motivation to be healthier and perhaps get the family to be as well. If you’ve found yourself lagging so far into this confinement - it could be just what’s needed to perk you out of a frustrating rut. 

So what is the challenge?

It is a group challenge online via Facebook to see if you can "Hit the 100" and include 100 DIFFERENT plant foods into your diet over the course of a week! That seems like a daunting challenge, but it may be easier than you think... 

When is it taking place?

Starting next Monday, the challenge lasts from April 27th to May 3rd.

Why 100 different plants?

The gut microbiome is the source of our immune system and all those good bacteria are supported by a plant-based diet (fibre). Also the wider the diversity of foods, the greater the chance of getting essential nutrients into the body to support immune health (and overall health) at all times. So 100 plants should do the trick! Think it’s too difficult? Give it a go!

How to take part?

This dynamic nutritional duo will be creating a fun programme and offering daily support and meal ideas via a designated Facebook group.  

All you need to do is send an email to christinekjeldberg[at] to register for the challenge. 

The group challenge is free, however, they would appreciate donations to Mimosa, a local association who normally raise funds in the fight against Cancer on the French Riviera, but are currently diverting their funding to Covid19 support in the region.

Check out the Mimosa Matters Facebook page for further details.