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La Trattoria: summer launch for the Tuscany-inspired restaurant

La Trattoria-Sporting restaurant in Monaco launched by Alain Ducasse. Copyright celina.comLa Trattoria-Sporting Monte Carlo, a Tuscan-inspired venue that offers authentic Italian specialties, has reopened for the summer. Alain Ducasse, the owner of the prestigious establishment, has placed chef Robbie Pepin in charge for this season. The chef uses all his culinary expertise to reflect the generosity and refinement of the French Riviera’s freshest produce.

Pepin has already made a name for himself in gourmet venues across Europe, in particular with The Bulgari Hotel & Residences in London where he was in charge of its flagship restaurant: Il Ristorante. He has also previously worked with Ducasse at L’Andana in Tuscany and the Four Seasons in Florence as well as Aubergine and the Oak Room in London.

The menu reserves many surprises for diners, who will embark on a voyage into the heart of Italy with dishes such as the humble pizza, refined charcuterie, pansotti stuffed with borage and ewe’s milk ricotta (27€), sautéed gamberoni with artichokes (52€), royal sea bream with Albenga zucchini (42€), and piccata with lemon, capers and spinach leaves (42€).

For those who can’t feast upon the traditional pasta and pizza , a range of gluten-free alternatives have been introduced on to the menu. Dessert lovers will rejoice with a selection of Italian classics such as a light and flavourful panna cotta flavoured with caramel, chocolate or red summer fruits (12€), tiramisù (15€) and Sicilian cassata (14€). The restaurant’s carrettino dei gelati - a little bike selling creamy ice creams and sorbets - is a treat to behold and with delight the young and old alike.


Claire Davis