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Looking to rent your Riviera flat over the winter?

Back-to-school season is right around the corner, and landlords who rented their properties for the summer are now looking to rent their properties to students over the slower winter months. Students can be a good solution for this as the academic year runs from September to May/June.

© CC - Sophie & Co. This also works out well for students, as taking on a full-contract apartment includes high up-front fees and a full year commitment. Finding a good tenant can be a challenge, though. The obvious solution anyone can think of would be using a real estate agency to give an ad more visibility. But most students won’t be looking for accommodation through an agency, as these come with an often high number of fees. And as a landlord, if you prefer to avoid your own high fees and the paperwork with local immobilier agencies, there are a good number of websites, Facebook groups, and even mobile apps dedicated to this process and can offer some solutions to both landlords and tenants.

So the best solution might be using websites where individuals put their ads online themselves, as well as taking care of conducting visits and filling out the necessary paperwork for the apartment to rent. Some of these websites are rather popular in France, particularly with students. Seloger (on this one you can access both individual ads and professional realtors) and Leboncoin, for instance, one can find numerous apartments for rent.

These two options are some of the most common ones, but their use becomes limited as soon as the student cannot visit the studio in question and if the photos are not clear enough to get an idea of its general setting. Flatlooker is a site that offers a solution to that problem. It allows potential tenants to have a 360° virtual visit of the housing in addition to pictures, and 4K quality videos. This facilitates the process to both the tenant and the landlord who won’t have to conduct visits on several occasions.

Finally, one of the most efficient ways to give more visibility to one’s ad, happens to be uploading it to various Facebook groups. There are many local FB groups, particularly English based groups geared towards the international community, such as “Antibes Buy it, Sell it, Rent it,” “Riviera Postcode” and more. There are also French groups that are mainly used by students, such as the “Wanted Community” group, “Location & Colocation (followed by the name of the city)”. You can also do searches locally with: “Rent & Buy (name of the city),” mainly used by English-speaking users.

Options for getting exposure to your ad are numerous, but if you are foregoing an agency, make sure you do consult with a local professional to ensure you know any particular French laws in dealing with tenants and have an up-to-date, legally binding contract.

Leïla Zemirli