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Monaco begins Phase 3 of deconfinement


c. Mairie de MonacoThanks to the light impact of the coronavirus in Monaco, the Principality has been able to plan for a nearly full return to business, within the parameters of safety distancing measures. ‘Phase 3’ will see the reopening of restaurants, bars, museums and casinos on June 2nd. Here is a list of what will be opening and the rules to follow.

On Wednesday, 20 May at the Ministry of State, Government Councillors, including Ministers Didier Gamerdinger (Social Affairs and Health) and Jean Castellini (Finance and Economy) announced the implementation of phase 3 of the Monegasque deconfinement after the health situation was deemed satisfactory.

Since the outbreak of the virus, Monaco has registered only 97 confirmed cases (not all Monegasque residents), 90 of whom have fully recovered. Only one person has died of the virus, an older gentleman who was the very first confirmed case. Currently, there is only one patient still in intensive care at CHPG and two patients are being treated with home care. Only one new case has been reported since the deconfinement on 4 May.

Extensive testing has been set-up, allowing every resident to be tested. The Grimaldi Forum has become a Covid-19 testing centre, organised by surname letter to keep the flow of people orderly and appropriately distanced.

Phase 3

On 2 June, several economic sectors will resume their activity subject to the implementation of the barrier measures and physical distancing. State services will be making controls of businesses to ensure compliance.

The following businesses will be allowed to reopen:


  • Wearing the mask is mandatory for employees
  • Reservation required
  • Tables of 4 to 6 place settings maximum depending on the distance between them.
  • 1.5 m distance between tables or physical separations
  • Menu displayed or digital version on smartphones
  • Individual table condiments
  • Moderate musical atmosphere
  • Valet parking is permitted on condition that the contact surfaces are disinfected each time.


  • Customers must be seated
  • Tables for 4 to 6 people maximum
  • No karaoke or live music

Museums and exhibition halls

  • Imperative to regulate access with a one-way visit plan and the fluidity of the visitor.


  • Currently accessible in dynamic mode, phase 3 will allow tanning as long as people respect 1.5 m between towels and mattresses, even within the same family.

Casinos and gaming halls

  • Must respect distances and provide sufficient space between slot machines as well as separations at the gaming tables
  • The cleaning of dice and tokens must be systematic.

Congress centres

Some artistic activities with reduced gauge such as the Fort Antoine show.

Individual sports including competitive swimming. Team and contact sports will require a particular approach on a discipline-by-discipline basis between the federations concerned and the Direction de l'Action Sanitaire.

The following will NOT reopen on 2 June and no date will be set before an even more favourable evolution of the health situation:

Cinemas (except in the open-air), discotheques, sports halls and collective spas. Leisure pools will be examined on a case-by-case basis.

The ministers concluded the meeting with the reminder that "state support to companies through the CTTR (reinforced temporary total unemployment) and aid granted to companies would not be subject to a sudden and unilateral halt, and would, in particular, be addressed during consultations in the framework of the monitoring committee with the National Council".