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My dearest Ernest…

"Ernest chéri..." writes Antoinette in 1922.A heartfelt love letter from a long forgotten Antoinette to her beloved Ernest has been unearthed during construction works at the luxury real estate development, Wilson Plaza, in Nice. Perfectly preserved in an old biscuit tin, the handwritten note is dated 1922 and now the developers have embarked on a quest to find descendants of the authoress and perhaps even of her lover. 

A member of the construction team at Wilson Plaza discovered the rusted box in a false floor at the top of the building. As workers set about dismantling the area, the biscuit container fell to the ground and one member of the team instinctively decided to investigate further. Upon opening the tin, the builder found a postcode-sized love letter written over 15 lines in a paling blue ink. 


“Ernest chéri…” writes the mysterious Antoinette. “Mon amour aimé, viens me secourir! Je te le demande detout mon cœur. Je suis comme un corps sans âme parce que tu n'es pas là."

“My dearest Ernest. My [treasured] love, come and free me! I beg you with all of my heart. I am a body with no soul because you are not with me.”

The developers are now actively searching for any descendants of Antoinette and Ernest, and believe they may have some positive leads….


Contact: Laurent Salimpour

Phone: +33 (0)6 22 51 30 79