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New electric car rental service in Nice

The Renault Zoe cars are easily recognisable in their bright turquoise and white designs. Copyright Ville de Nice

On 27th July, Nice inaugurated a new car rental service dubbed Izzie. In the presence of Philippe Pradal, deputy to the Mayor of Nice, and Anne De Bagneux of the Autobleue company, the new concept was revealed to the public on the Place Masséna.  

The city of Nice has partnered with the eco-friendly Autobleue car sharing system and Renault to equip the city with 20 electric Izzie cars (a locally branded version of the car manufacturer’s Zoe) to facilitate the transport of residents, students and tourists. It is part of city-wide efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

This new alternative to public transport and private car ownership can be geographically located and then instantly ordered via a smartphone app. The system allows for an immediate use of the car unlike previous self-serving rental options. 

The main locations include the surroundings of Nice train stations Thiers and Riquier as well as spots near Gambetta and Saint Jean d’Angely. The application also displays the car’s battery life for users to assess which car best suits their needs depending on the journey.

To register, you will need to provide a valid driver’s licence, email, home address and credit card information. Once the booking is complete, you have 20 minutes to pick up the car.  

Renault’s Zoe model is fully electric, comes with an automatic gear and is convenient for all kinds of trips, from short rides to longer excursions in the Alpes Maritimes department and beyond: it covers 300km on a full charge. The zero-emission cars are easily recognisable due to the characteristic bright turquoise and white colours. 

The service costs 30 cents per minute in addition to an initial 10€ registration fee.

The Izzie application can be found on the Apple Store and Google Play. 


Claire Davis