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Nice European short film festival


Nice European Short Film Festival2020 has witnessed the Cannes Film Festival's cancellation, which hasn't transpired since the Second World War. Nonetheless, other cinematographic events persevered through the health crisis, such as the upcoming Nice European short film festival: "Un festival c'est trop court!" This celebration of cinematographic art will start in the open-air on 9 October, in the Promenade des Arts and end on 16 October. Four competitions will be happening in anticipation of 12 prizes. Other activities, such as various thematic programs, masterclasses and round table meetings, will also occur.

In collaboration with Panda events, the University of the Côte d'Azur (UCA), and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMAC), this event is dedicated to contemporary cinematographic works. Every year, it brings people from across the world to enjoy and discover new cultural talent. It displays different projects that represent how creative and original short films can be.

This long-awaited event gives students the opportunity to participate in the festival and to discover a career in cinema by meeting professionals and attending film workshops. Additionally, 1,847 films representing 59 nationalities will be participating in the Nice European short film festival this year. The four official competitions are as follows: the European Competition (films produced and/or co-produced in Europe), Local Shorts Competition (films shot and/or produced in the South & Corsica Region), Experience competition (experimental film competition, art video, new cinema), and the Animation Competition (films from European animation schools).

Nice by Courrier International This new festival is essential to the cinematographic community as it maintains the value of the work produced by independent video artists worldwide. The week will be an intense one, but it commemorates a field of film not commonly celebrated. Though the health crisis has posed multiple barriers, the 20th edition of the short film festival has demonstrated itself motivated to make all the necessary adaptations to proceed with this adventure.

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- Charlotte Gillet