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Nice ranked 15th most welcoming city in the world

Nice is the best performing city in all of France, coming in 15th ahead of Toulouse in 53rd. Copyright Kurt BauschardtThe city of Nice has been ranked as the 15th most welcoming tourism destination in the world in a recent study by TravelBird, beating all other French cities in ranking as well as the Principality of Monaco, which came just outside of the Top 50 at 52.

On World Cities Day (31st October), Netherlands-based online travel agency TravelBird released its analysis of data and statistics supplied by the United Nations and the World Trade Organisation to give one hundred leading tourism destinations a rating out of 10. Nice is the best performing city in France with the 15th slot and an overall score of 7.45. The next closest French cities are Toulouse (63rd), Paris (65th) and Lille (69th). Monaco scored 6.12 and gained a 52nd position ranking.

“We conducted this study firstly to take notice of those cities that are making impressive efforts to welcome tourists responsibly,” says a representative for TravelBird, “and secondly to open the dialogue about over-tourism and its impact on residents and their surrounding communities. Tourism employs more people than any other industry in the world, playing a pivotal part in almost every city’s economy. However, as highlighted this summer by the media, over-tourism is dampening the spirits of local communities and affecting visitor experiences. As a travel provider, we believe we have a duty to promote thoughtful travel and sustainable tourism.”

The data used in the study focused on aspects such as the quality of the port of entry such as an airport or train station, citizens’ happiness, the safety of the city, an openness to hosting tourists in privately-owned accommodation, a city’s capacity to welcome tourists and its level of English-language proficiency. The second stage of the study involved interviews with 15,000 travel journalists to gauge an ‘expert opinion’ on the international destinations.

Nice performed particularly well for its safety standards (7.9 out of 10), its ability to welcome high number of tourists (7.7 out of 10) and its port of entry (7.38 out of 10). The city also proved popular with the travel and lifestyle journalists asked, who rated it an overall 7.7 out of 10. Nice’s worst performing categories were its citizens’ apparent happiness levels, English-language proficiency and its openness to hosting tourists in private accommodation.

Similarly, Monaco’s highest rated category was its ability to host large numbers of people (8.17) and, second, its public safety and security (7.2). Its lowest ranking criteria were its openness to hosting tourists in private residences (1) and its port of entry (3.18).

The Top 5 cities in the TravelBird study are: Singapore (8.22), Stockholm (8.02), Helsinki (8.01), San Francisco (8) and Rotterdam (7.98).

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