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Nice's Up-and-coming artist Olga Kozlova

Olga KozlovaOlga Kozlova is a young abstract artist based in Nice, but unlike many other budding creatives following the ‘starving artist’ path, she works full-time at a tech company in Sophia Antipolis. In fact, she has a PhD in Computer Science, with a focus on artificial intelligence. It’s perhaps a surprising field for a painter, but Olga enjoys moving between the very different worlds of analytical precision and artistic expression. She says she has always felt freest when expressing herself through art. 

Olga does not find inspiration from technology or her job. Rather, she keeps the two worlds separate, her art giving her an outlet for pure self-expression.

“It’s how I release my stress,” she says. “I’m really happy when I’m in this [artistic] flow.”  

So what does inspire her?

“My inspiration comes from inside. I know exactly what I want to do and I do it quickly.” She does, however, admit that Nice inspires her ‘a lot’. The natural landscapes and the blue sea of the Côte d’Azur are a constant source of inspiration. Born and raised in Latvia by Russian parents, Olga visited the region as a young girl. Back then, the vivid colours, azure waters and warm sunshine were a stunning new world for her. She was hooked.

She also loves to see viewers interact with her paintings.

“Some people see things in my work that I have never thought about,” Olga says. Everyone has their own interpretation and I really love that.”

She usually paints at the weekend, but sometimes in the evenings, after she gets home from work, too. Her process goes through three phases:
“First, I paint the background then I think about it. In the second phase, I add colours and shapes and stop there. For my third phase, I return to the painting after a few days to add final touches. It’s important for me to find harmony with the piece.”

Dichotomy series by Olga KozlovaOne of the ways she achieves this harmony is by working with complementary colours. This approach is expertly used in her Dichotomy series, where two separate panels of asymmetrical forms create the perfect balance with one another.

When asked whether she would like to be a full-time artist, she exclaims: “That’s just a dream!” Her work is vibrant, striking, and somehow effortlessly blends a soft, emotional background with a fierce statement on top. Despite her humble demeanour, Olga’s work speaks for itself and could very well be gracing the walls of top galleries in the years to come. Art collectors, take note.

You can currently view a selection of Olga’s paintings at the Hanna-Logis real estate agency at 79 Avenue Frères Roustan, Golfe Juan.

Follow Olga on social media @OKZ72.