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Professor Paolo Giacomoni & Ronit Raphael - @Maxime Sauvant  (1)

During the Cannes Film Festival, Beauty Spa L.RAPHAEL hosted a new product launch on the rooftop terrace of the Martinez Hotel. They welcomed Riviera Insider to a presentation by their head researcher, followed by a glamorous fashion show.

The Beauty Spa L.RAPHAEL offers some of the best skin treatments available. What sets them apart is their expertly created product lines. While other spas shop around for beauty products that are made by other brands, L.RAPHAEL works directly with some of the world’s top cosmetic scientists.

Ronit Raphael, the Founder and President of L.RAPHAEL Spas welcomed guests to the launch of her new Green Caviar Oxygen line, the latest development from renowned researcher, Professor Paolo Giacomoni. With over 20 years of experience in the field of skin care, Dr Giacomoni has headed research at Estée Lauder, L’Oréal and Lancôme. He is a founding member of the European Society of Photobiology, the European Society for the Study of Age Biology and is known for his research on DNA damage, metabolic alterations induced by UV rays and the positive effects of antioxidants.

Working directly with L.RAPHAEL, he has developed the first skin care collection that combines the benefits of green caviar and oxygen. ‘Green caviar’ is actually made from an algae found in Okinawa, Japan. Instead of animal-based caviar eggs raised from endangered fish, the Green Caviar Oxygen line contains plant-based microalgae. Scientific studies show that Green Caviar strengthens the skin cell membrane by stimulating the production of collagen and provides powerful antioxidant activity that neutralizes free radicals that can damage the skin. Dr Giacomoni and his team also discovered how to integrate a special protein that will allow skin cells to consume more oxygen and therefore have more energy.

“This wakes up the skin and rebuilds the connective chains, helping the epidermis anchor to the dermis and repair your skin’s elasticity,” said Dr Giacomoni during his presentation.

According L.RAPHAEL, the results are immediate. ‘This treatment gives you clearer, more even skin and reduces sun and age spots. It also accelerates the rate of cell regeneration and improves the metabolism and toxin removal systems in skin cells. Over time, the skin is smoother, lifted and firmer.’

Diamond Powder Mask - L.RAPHAEL @Maxime Sauvant  (3)Film Festival launch

In another first, L.RAPHAEL joined forces with luxury jeweller Chopard to create the perfect skin-refining mask, a limited edition just for the Cannes Film Festival.

"What is really special for me this year is to share the creation of our limited edition Diamond Powder Mask with Mrs Caroline Scheufele, Artistic Director and Co-President of Chopard, who provided the diamond powder," explains Ronit Raphael. "This is the first time that a luxury jewellery brand has collaborated with a luxury beauty brand.”

Diamond is highly effective for removing dead cells from the upper layer of the skin which allows better penetration of the active ingredients. That’s where the L.RAPHAEL Cure-C mask comes in - with a scientifically proven formulation that nourishes the skin, increases collagen production, reduces pores and UV damage and gives a highlighting effect. Together, these powerful ingredients provide immediate results to be ready for the red carpet, or any important event.

Red carpet gowns Souhir Ben Saad et Felicia Gebhardt - Lancement L.RAPHAEL 16 mai 2019

The Diamond Powder Mask by L.RAPHAEL for Chopard was presented with a fashion show of stunning gowns by Tunisian fashion house Esthere Maryline. Dress after stunning, flowing dress showed the exquisite craftsmanship and feminine silhouette by designer, Souhir El Gabsi. She uses bold colours, from forest green to scarlet red, finishing with an ethereal gold sequin gown. The flowing trains are lined with crystals, sequins or intricate embroidery and some dresses even had whimsical messages woven in Arabic. Maison Esthere Maryline was founded in 2012 in the capital of Tunisia and has been providing one of a kind dresses for top celebrities and glamorous brides.

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- Nicole Ruskell