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Ring in the New Year with a Gallette and a side of Mclaren!


Neron Patisserie and McLarenWhat do you get when you mix luxury pastry with luxury cars? A pretty sweet partnership! 

Why not ring in the New Year with a Gallette des roi made by Neron Patissier, while having a gander at one of the rarest cars in the world? Our favourite Glacier and patisserie, Neron has just made an exclusive partnership with Monaco Luxury Group, who showcases McLaren and Aston Martin in the Principality. After all, where else on earth does the finest of French cuisine marry so easily with the fastest super cars in the world? Monaco, of course.

After a successful career as a pastry chef for the Ritz in Paris, and Pastry Plaisirs, Chef Louis Dubois opened his own patisserie, Neron, in Vieux Nice in 2018. With his ultimate pastry expertise, he creates fabulous treats, like these Gallettes, including the southern version preferred by Monegasques, the Couronne des rois, a brioche ring with orange flower and candied fruits.

Walking into Neron Patissier Glacier little makes you feel like a kid in a candy store. Lemon tarts, chocolate Napoleons, Mille-feuilles with Tahitian vanilla, William pear poignées with vanilla custard, cinnamon and rum canelés, bags of fresh cookies… Since opening, Neron has gotten rave reviews from customers and they have been written up in numerous articles. But perhaps people’s favourite is the decadent ice cream.

Neron Patisserie and Aston Martin

A year before opening his shop, it was actually his stylish black and purple ice cream cart that kicked-off his business. Chef Dubois makes thick, creamy gelato using only the top-quality ingredients, like vanilla from Madagascar and Tahiti, pistachios from Iran and so much more. He even makes his own sugar cones, the perfect crunchy vessel for his rich ice cream. Seen at top parties and corporate events, Chef Dubois took his gelato show on the road, pleasing party-goers on hot summer nights. It’s a sight you would always see at our own Riviera Press events. Yet another sad loss to our current restrictions.

After such a trying year, we are pleased to see this new partnership with Monaco Luxury Group and have no doubt that everyone involved will be delighted – just be careful with the crumbs, guys!!

Can’t make it Monaco? Visit Néron Glacier Pâtissier at 15, Place St François in Old Town Nice for your pastry and ice cream needs. And tell them Riviera Insider sent you. :)