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Riviera Insider Oct/Nov/Dec issue out now!


Riviera Insider Magazine Oct 2020Our latest edition is now out! We end each year with our Art Special, when the theatres, operas, ballets and museums take centre stage, so to speak. It’s a great time of year when the days are cooler but still filled with our glorious sunshine. 2020 is a bit different, though, as we all know. No need to repeat the word ‘unprecedented’ which has now become cliché. Nevertheless, the coronavirus is still a daily topic and a constant disruptor to our livelihood.

This is again a double-issue with our German publication, RivieraZeit - a practical way to help us through a period of heavily restricted distribution points. Flip through the other side to enjoy what my dear counterpart, Aila Stöckmann, has put together - if your German is decent you get an extra magazine in one!

This art special is extra special - In my last editorial, I described 2020 as a year of wake-up calls, what with the virus, the confinement, the BLM protests and the climate crisis. But it also applies to art. The confinement was difficult for everyone in different ways. But on the whole, the world discovered how important art was to get us through it. Once the busy ‘rat-race’ of daily life came to a halt, what did everyone turn to? Music; film; books; virtual museum visits and even streamed performances of classic theatre, ballet and opera. Art - or creative expression - is fundamental to life and feeds our soul. We are so fortunate here in the Riviera to have almost unlimited art, from music to theatrical performance and every type of museum possible.

As usual, we have a full issue with interviews and lifestyle reports. Noteworthy are the interviews with Champion free-diver, Guillaume Néry; Chef Alex Seleznev, Monaco’s cake maestro; Award-winning artist, Laurence Jenkell (you’ve seen her candy sculptures all over the Riviera!); world-renown graphic print artist, Alan Walsh and his new gallery in Monaco; the top interior design crew behind the new German Design centre Lenzwerk in Monaco; and we sat down with one of the top hotel designers in the world, Tristan Auer, the man behind the vintage chic look of the Carlton Beach Club and the fine interiors of the grand hotel.

We start the issue with a special Coronavirus feature: 5-star solidarity on the Croisette – how three of the biggest 5-star hotel palaces on the Croisette came together and supported each other through this incredibly difficult time. Our journalist, Charlotte Gillet, has a unique insider’s view and introduces us to the GMs of The Majestic, The Carlton and The Martinez and how these three friends hold the value of the ‘mystique of the Croisette’ as their guiding light.

Check out our picks for the top 3 rooftop bars in the Riviera! The nights are cooler but the sunsets are more spectacular than ever and we tell you the best spot to catch the coucher du soleil.

Raimund Theobald takes us to the County Club Cannes Mougins for some autumn links and Christine Kjeldbjerg discusses the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and the importance of ‘eating the rainbow’.

Plus, we have been working on an Expat Guide for the area, speaking with local experts on insurance, investments, notaries and international relocation. This issue gives a sample of what we have so far.

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