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Ten years of flowers and perfume in Mouans-Sartoux

Nestled in the green hills behind Cannes, the gardens of the International Museum of Perfume in Mouans-Sartoux have launched for the season. For the gardens, which are now celebrating their 10th anniversary since reopening, 2017 is a year to remember and reflect on the progress and change the gardens have seen in the past decade.

The gardens have been described as a ‘live botany museum’ because of the incredible selection of flowers they house. Many perfumes were first conceived in these gardens thanks to the immense collection of aromatic flowers. Visitors to the gardens can expect to smell rose, lavender, geraniums and jasmine among other scents that are so often used in perfume.

The programme for the 2017 season has been created to reflect the lineage of the gardens and special guided visits will take place every Saturday and Sunday (in French) at 3pm for the Festival des Jardins that it running for the entire month of April on the Côte d’Azur.

There will be an egg hunt for children on Easter Sunday and talks and workshops for all ages will be held at the gardens over the coming months. Entry to the gardens is 4€ with a reduced rate of 2€ for students (entry is free for children).

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Mia Colleran