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USA wins fourth consecutive Women’s World Cup title

US Department of State / women soccer team dominated Women’s World Cup in France since their first game against Thaïland on June 11. This week-end they beat their final opponent, the Netherlands, to win the trophy and make history by claiming their fourth consecutive Women’s World Cup title.

On Sunday, the United States women’s soccer team won their fourth Women’s World Cup, beating Netherlands 2-0 in Lyon. The domination is complete. Since the US team first won in 2015, the players defended their title in front of 57,900 people in France’s Stade de Lyon. Neither of the team scored in the first half of the game, entirely thanks to the Netherlands’ goalkeeper, Sari van Veendaal, who successfully stopped many attempts of the US team. Needless to say that overall Netherland’s defense was quite effective. Then, Megane Rapinoe and Rose Lavelle scored in the second half. First Rapinoe came through, giving her team their first point at the 61st minute. Afterwards, Lavelle confirmed the victory with a second goal in the 69th.

For most of the US women’s soccer team it was the second straight win in the worldwide competition. These women made history and sealed their domination around the world. Netherlands lost honourably as they are the only team to keep the US off the scoreboard for more than 60 minutes. Unfortunately, like other teams before them - Thailand, Chile, Spain, France and England - they could not compete with history.

The US women’s soccer team is the only team who has not lost any game since 2011. Besides making history, we have not yet heard the last of the US women’s team - as plans are already on their way to celebrate their victory, once back in the United States. Plus, Megane Rapinoe is very active on social media, and is at the forefront of her team’s effort to demand equal pay to their male counterparts. She was one of the first players to sign a lawsuit for gender discrimination filed against the United States Soccer Federation. She also declared that she would not visit the White House or President Donald Trump. But Megane Rapinoe will be attending the House of Representatives, answering the invitation of Senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. In New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio already planned to celebrate the USWNT (US Women’s National Team) with a parade. But the work is not done yet. This new title in France is a good omen of what the US soccer team can do at the Olympic Championship in Tokyo next year.      

- Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle