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Virtual English lessons with HiPe Kids


Hipe KidsAre you worried about your children's level of English? As we covered in our January school special, international couples in the Côte d'Azur can find it challenging to ensure their kids speak the language(s) of the home, proper French and not lose out on English lessons. But personal tutors can be difficult due to finding the time in our busy schedules and it can often be expensive. Sure, grammar can be learned in a book and phrases from an app, but fluid conversation, understanding people with different accents and building confidence requires consistent conversation with native speakers.

HiPe Kids is a Sophia-based start-up with the perfect solution, offering one-on-one English lessons with qualified, native-English teachers in the comfort of the student’s home. Utilizing video-conferencing tools, teachers create lesson plans according to the needs of the student, whether they want to practice conversation, go over their school work or plan for an exam. All lessons are recorded and the video sent to the parents after for review with the child. Needless to say, this has been a perfect time for the virtual school to do their thing!

Created by Carmina Catena and El Mehdi Benrahhalate, HiPe Kids already has students across the globe, able to take private lessons at a distance. Last November, before Coronavirus and before all schools were teaching online, we spoke with founder, Carmina Catena, about how HiPe Kids is breaking all the education moulds.  

When the world returns to normalcy and travel is once again permitted, HiPe Kids remains an attractive solution because it allows students to keep up with their conversations even when on holiday. “There is often the problem of students stopping their lessons over summer holidays and then losing the progress they made,” Carmina points out. She tells Riviera Insider that even a 25-minute lesson, once a week, no matter where in the world the student is, can keep up their progress.

What to expect with a lesson

When a student signs up, they will have a free 15-minute session with Carmina where she will have the student talk and asses their level. The student is then free to choose their teacher - all qualified in the Cambridge English curriculum and native speakers located in different areas of the world (Canada, France, South Africa, etc). This can accommodate a time difference, as HiPe Kids has students in Europe, Asia and Africa.

The other benefit of international teachers is a difference in accent. Carmina explains that they make sure students change the teacher occasionally so that they don’t get too used to understanding only one accent. “Students can sometimes get attached to their teacher as they build a relationship, but it’s so important for their comprehension to speak with someone else.”

They take students from age 3 to 21 and from basic grammar to specialised business English. There is complete flexibility in the number of lessons and no commitment. After each lesson, a video file is sent to the parents to review, see the progress their child is making and for the student to replay and listen to how they speak.

Current special: 
Hipe Kids has opened group courses for a maximum of four students, organised by age and level.
With the increased demand during school closures, the startup wanted to lower its prices to help families and is offering an attractive rate of 12€/student for 55-minute lessons.

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