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VROOM Summit Monaco

VROOM Summit is hosting its third annual event on 27th April, where investors and technology executives are invited to meet start-up finalists from an eight-city European Caravan tour at Yacht Club de Monaco. 

The unique aspect of VROOM Summit is a preceding European Caravan tour, where pre-qualified start-ups and accelerators pitch to a panel and each finalist is invited to Monaco for the Summit. The Caravan screens hundreds of applicants, but only one start-up from each of the participating cities (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Geneva, Istanbul, Lisbon, Ljubljana, Reykjavik and Warsaw) is given the chance to pitch in Monaco. According to organisers: “This ensures investors will listen to a very high caliber of technology start-ups on the day.”

“VROOM seeks to bring the ‘cool tech buzz’ to Monaco and highlight Monaco as one of the top start-up tech centres in Europe; in league with Berlin, London and Amsterdam, currently the top three,” says Peter Madsen, Managing Director of White Castle Partners and founder of VROOM Summit and VROOM Caravan. “The key idea is to bring game changing tech start-ups to Monaco and invite investors to listen to a brief pitch, whilst also giving investors a chance to network and meet the teams in an intimate and relaxed environment.”

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