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Wine tasting in the heart of Provence


Wine by UdajezejestemElaborate or mature red, rosé and white wines… In the heart of Provence, Château du Rouët, a wine-producing estate, opened a tasting cellar on 30 July 2020. Open to all, Monsieur Matthieu Savatier, owner of the Château du Rouët, welcomes visitors to his newly constructed building to offer the convivial experience of wine-tasting. Having opened his new building with a celebration filled with music and entertainment in the vineyard in front of the Grand House, the Château’s dynamic team now hopes to share their passion for oenology with visitors.

For some, enjoying a glass of wine on a terrace is a joyful moment to share between friends and family. For others, it’s a time to let go of the tensions accumulated throughout the day. Ultimately, “l’apéro” holds a particular spot when it comes to French culture. So, why not take a step in understanding the various flavours of this infamous French beverage and visit the vineyards where it comes from? Plus, what better location to enjoy a testing than in the very place where the wine is preserved?

In a concept that incorporates the act of sharing and tasting, the architecture of the wine cellar was designed to fuse traditional and modern to bring out the aroma and the image of the wine. From the entrance of the Château du Rouët, visitors will follow a long natural alley towards the building. The setting is in harmony with nature thanks to the open doors and windows. The area indoors is spacious and was created to optimise the study of wine through the eyes of an oenologist. It was all thought through by Philippe Mathieu, the architect, who specialises in the development of wine-related buildings.

Whether visitors are from the wine tourism sector or simply intrigued in discovering various wines produced in the “Terroir de Fréjus,” everyone is welcome! The tasting cellar is open all day every day, except on Sundays when it's only open in the afternoon, until September. 

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- Charlotte Gillet