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World’s first cross-border PetFinder app launches in Monaco

The disc-like ID is attached to your pet's collar and allows finders of lost dogs and cats to identify the animals and contact their owner.A revolutionary way of identifying lost pets worldwide and reuniting them with the owners has arrived in Monaco. PetWorld Global is an app-based service that was conceived by Monika Laneman, a hobby dog breeder and trainer in Estonia, following a traumatic incident where she lost her dogs while in Italy. 

“Dog identification microchips are only registered in the country of origin, which in my case was Estonia,” explains the founder. “Luckily my dogs were found with the help of the local police, but it made me wonder why there is not a global identification system that can quickly and efficiently locate the owners of lost pets regardless of what country you are in.”

Her start-up, PetWorld Global, allows pet owners to register their animal online and order the personal PetID. This is linked to your personal information and, once attached to your pet’s collar, allows lost furry friends to be identified via the app and reunited with their owner. 

“The app is extremely easy to use,” she explains. “If you find a lost pet, just turn on the PetFinder Global app and the animal will be identified. The app then enables you to contact the owner directly. The PetID is also linked to the microchip and dog license information that are needed in order to travel to different countries. Microchip information recovery requires a visit to a vet, but most people have a mobile phone.”

The service also allows owners to record vaccination, flea and tick treatment dates, and will remind you when they are next due to be given.

Laneman originally tested a GPS solution was tested, but ultimately this was too large, heavy and the battery lasted only few days. Her team devised the PetID concept using the Apple-established iBeacon technology; it is very light and the battery lasts for a year.

The first outlet in Monaco is being offered by Happy Dog MC, a company owned by dog psychologist Karen September.

“PetFinder Global is indeed an innovative solution to the lost pet problem,” she says. “It is effective, easy to use and allows pet owners to register their pet on a global community site that is dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their owners. For example, one of my clients will be visiting five different countries this year with her dogs. This is the only solution to give her peace of mind that her dogs will be identifiable if lost - no matter which country she is in.”

The PetFinder Global app is now available for all iPhone users and can be downloaded from the App Store. The PetID iBeacon costs 29.90€ and can be ordered online or bought directly from the local distributor.