The Team

Petra Hall

Petra established the newspaper Riviera-Côte d'Azur Zeitung (now RivieraZeit) in German 26 years ago. It was followed by The Riviera Insider, in 2003. Her goal was always to provide readers with exciting, informative and unique insights written by professional mother-tongue journalists. She has become an insitution in the south of France and Monaco's media landscape in her own right.

Nicole Ruskell

Nicole discovered her passion for journalism and its ability to connect people while working as the editorial director for academic journals. She has a Masters degree in journalism and over 10 years' experience in publishing. The California native has worked thoughout the French Riviera and Liguria, and is committed to well-being and organic principles.

Bich Lecourt
managing director

Bich was born in Antibes. Since completing her PhD in Economics, she has worked in Sophia Antipolis so is well-acquainted with the business ecosystem and atmosphere of the French Riviera. From architecture to interior design and décor, Bich likes discovering new parts of the region and enjoying the quintessential Côté d'Azur lifestyle.

Dominique Freulon
events & distribution

Dominique was born in Paris and has been living on the Côte d'Azur for 15 years, puts maximum energy and dynamism into working in our parketing department. She is a true 'people person' and has always been an admirer of our magazines. Her hobbies are travelling in faraway coutries and literature.

Françoise Muller
sales & marketing

Françoise is originally from Dijon, but has been living and working on the Côte d'Azur since 1993. For 14 years, she has trived on her work in the communications and marketing industry, and is now an enthusiastic member of our team. Her hobbies include literature and sports.

Patrice Saint-Léger
sales & marketing

Patrice has been working in the communications sector for more than ten years. After studying business administration and entrepreneurship, our Cannes-born publicist discovered his passion in the advertising business. During his free time, his interests lie in sports and nature.

Daniel Naro
sales & marketing

Daniel nearly became a professional footballer in his northen French home of Metz. Plan B was the insurance industry, but 25 years later, he sought the sun and found it on the Côte d'Azur. After re-launching his career in the media, he recently joined the professional Riviera Press team.

Carole Hébert

Carole is the heart and soul of the team. Besides dealing with accounting, subscription management and reader concerns, this native of northern France has a knack with numbers and always ensures everything in the office is ticking over perfectly.

Vincent Artus
art director

Vincent has a gift for transforming visions and ideas into reality. The Niçois creative talent has a penchant for clean lines and playing with white space for optimum effect and has brought a fresh, stylish look to our publication. The multi-talented creative is also a photographer and videographer.