France hands over to USA top position for welcoming asylum seekers

France is no longer the number one country for immigrants requesting asylum according to figures recently issued by the government. In 2005 immigration to its shores decreased slightly - perhaps because of the high unemployment rate compared to other European countries or perhaps because of France’s strict policies – while illegal attempts at entry by foreigners at the French borders have doubled in the last three years.Read more

Les Entreprenariales in Nice

The University of Nice Sophia Antipolis on the Côte d’Azur is participating in Les Entreprenariales today in the Acropolis from 9am to 7pm.Read more

Sophia Business Angels event

The Sophia Business Angels (SBA), is holding its 2nd Annual Entrepreneurship Boot Camp and Competition on the November 24th from 10.30 – 5pm at the Antipolis Innovation Campus, 300 Route des Cretes, Sophia Antipolis.Read more

IKEA mounts pressure for new site at Mougins

The controversial installation of the giant Swedish home décor and furniture store, IKEA, in the small Alpes-Maritimes town of Mougins has hit a critical point. The store has mounted pressure on the town to grant permission for the construction of the 17,085m2 store. If not, they have threatened to move their plans across the Italian border to Ventimiglia.Read more

Government returned to work yesterday

Higher than expected growth and an unemployment rate that continues to decline looks set to put Prime Minister, Dominique de Villepin in a favorable light for his government's first meeting in the capital after the summer holidays.Read more

Overall economic boost hides long-term instability in Sophia

The Alps-Martimes has been enjoying economic prosperity recently. While the area announces the lowest number of unemployed on record, 37,692 people, the hotel industry reaches an occupancy rate of 61.8 % for April and Nice airport has reason to celebrate.Read more

Marineland about to be sold

Rumours say Spanish group Parques Reunidos is to become Marineland's new owner. Due to legal and financial reasons, it is expected that François de Chambrun, the current General Director, may be forced to leave the company.Read more

Border business

A recent announcement calling for an overhaul of border customs control on the Riviera has the unions up in arms, as proposed reforms will lead to a loss of jobs.Read more

Sophia Antipolis Anniversary

The business and IT park in Sophia Antipolis situated in the forests of Valbonne celebrates its’ thirty five year anniversary this year.Read more

Port of Nice given to the region

Ownership of the Port of Nice has officially been handed over to the Conseil Général des Alpes-Maritimes by Christian Fremont, Prefect of the PACA region. The move is inline with a nationwide law to decentralise possession of local assets and to give more control and ownership to the regions.Read more