Jyske Bank and its inner catfish

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When entering a Jyske Bank branch in Denmark, you will immediately notice a set of gleaming white teeth and two large shining eyes - and we are not referring to your account manager. Instead we are referring to a weird fish synonymous with Jyske Bank, the catfish.Read more

Riviera Business Person of the Year Awards 2013

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The Business Person of the Year Awards 2013 is gaining momentum after the Riviera Business Club announced its revival this year. Proudly sponsored by The Riviera Times, the traditional Business Person of the Year Awards will see an additional category this year, the Start Up of the Year 2013 Award.Read more

Le Tour de Finance

Independent financial adviser Mike Lorimer is once again hosting an English-language financial seminar for expatriates living in the south of France. The 2013 edition of Le Tour de Finance, in conjunction with the British Association of the Var, will be looking at contemporary issues such as changes to French tax laws, overseas pension schemes and how residents can make the most of France’s Assurance Vie savings plan.Read more

Property scandal in Dolcedo

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Imagine finally realising your dream of owning a house in Liguria, having made the many sacrifices and obtaining the necessary building permits. Then one day you receive a letter in the post saying that your property is about to be confiscated and may even be demolished. This is the reality for 81 homeowners in and around the Imperia town of Dolcedo. In an attempt to understand how this could actually happen, The Riviera Times spoke to Angela van de Loo, an expat and property advisor in the region.Read more

Taxing times in France

France has long had a reputation for being a high tax country with a complex tax regime. The taxpayer's plight has worsened over recent years, with tax reform after tax reform and a variety of rises and hikes.Read more

Finding new solutions

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It's a prosperous time for financial advisors throughout the French Riviera. Why? Because one of the spin-offs of a financial crisis is that wealthy individuals need help in dealing with their money, particularly now that banks are reluctant to make any risky transactions. But it has created a whole new challenge for financial advisors, who have had to find alternative and unique avenues for their clients.Read more

Business person of the year awards

The Riviera Business Club has announced the revival of the Business Person of the Year award, recognising the hard work and dedication within the local community. Proudly sponsored by The Riviera Times, the awards will have two categories: Business Person of the Year and Start Up of the Year. Successful applicants could be in with a chance to win a cash prize and a trophy, as well as recognition among people in the business sector and publicity in local and national media.Read more

Property Series: Ramatuelle

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Flints found on Cap Taillat in the commune of Ramatuelle confirm the presence of Palaeolithic man around 30,000 BC. Had real estate agents been around in those distant times, they would probably have been ancestors of the Barrancos. Nicolas runs Saint Tropez Immobilier with his father Joseph, who has been selling property on the peninsula for over 30 years.Read more

Five years to make it or lose it

The French government is considering putting a cap on the popular auto entrepreneur scheme.Read more

Property series: Domaine des Hauts de Vaugrenier

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The Domaine des Hauts de Vaugrenier is a high-end residential domain of circa 1,400 residences - villas and apartments - situated above the old village of Villeneuve-Loubet north of the A8 motorway.Read more