No CFE tax for auto entrepreneurs

The government has announced that auto entrepreneurs will be exempt from paying the cotisation foncière des entreprises (CFE) business tax for 2012.Read more

Take a trip to Genoa!

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What does famous Spanish artist Joan Miró have to do with the Genoa Aquarium? Well, until 7th April, guests at the famous marine hub will also get the chance to visit the Palazzo Ducale in Genova for the 'Miró! Poetry and light' exhibition.Read more

Life support: A time to give

Dear Andy, It used to be easy for me to 'give back' over the holidays in Canada, but here in France I don't even know where to start! Have you got any suggestions? Charitable in CannesRead more

Life Support: Pregnancy in France

Dear Andy,
Help! I just found out that I am pregnant… and living in France!!! What do I do?
Expecting in MentonRead more

Protecting your trusts

QROPS and trusts are well organised from a British perspective, but one must also worry about the taxation rules applicable in the country of residence: in our case France.Read more

The life of currencies

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The euro has lost its strength this year against many other currencies. Why? What makes the value of currencies move?Read more

Want to hire an intern?

If you are one of those companies that are interested in employing students during the summer (interns), here is some information to keep in mind.Read more

Buying a holiday house on the French Riviera

Why buy a secondary property on the French Riviera? The price of real estate on the French Riviera is one of the highest in France for many reasons. The sunny weather, the sea, the ski resorts, the easy access thanks to the airport, the golf clubs, the famous restaurants, and the night life are actually durable advantages for the region and will not disappear easily. Of course, one can presently doubt about the future tax reforms of the newly elected government or about the solidity of the euro. But experience has shown that these factors have little impact on real estate prices. Read more

Can I trust my trust?

French financial advisers reported a state of bewilderment last month in fiduciary companies and among accountants specialising in trusts, as the date for declaring an interest in trusts - 15th June - passed with many unaware or unsure of how to report it.Read more

Small business holding its breath

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The auto entrepreneur scheme was created to help individuals start their own small business and to forge a place for that business in their communities.Read more