Coronavirus antibody tests now available in Antibes and Cannes

Based on blood tests, patients in Cannes and Antibes know whether they have been in contact with the coronavirus. Photo: Shutterstock 1624576327Do you think you may have had the virus? Two Maisons Médicales, in Antibes-Juan-les-Pins and Cannes-La Bocca, are now offering Covid-19 antibody tests to the public without an appointment. Anyone can come by and have their blood drawn and within 48 hours, the test will determine whether the person has been infected with the coronavirus or not.Read more

Masks distributed as we head to de-confinement

Making masks in Cannes c. Ville de CannesAcross the Côte d’Azur and Monaco, masks are being handed out, delivered and distributed in the lead-up to the 11 May de-confinement. Long on the endangered list, France has been busy going into full production of the fabric protection, from industrial level manufacture of appropriate fabric to community-organised sewing groups to get people much needed peace of mind.Read more

David Lisnard calls for a Marshall Plan for tourism industry

Photo by Skitterphoto from PexelsAll industries have been heavily affected by the Coronavirus and resulting confinement, but none as much as the tourism industry (including restaurants, events, hotels, travel, and entertainment sectors). As the mayor of one of the top destinations in France, David Lisnard is seeing first-hand the devastating impact on his own city and has demanded a concerted response to the impending economic disaster in tourism. Read more

For a healthy lockdown: Take the Fun Food Challenge!

Take the Fun Food Challenge! Christine Kjeldbjerg and Lucy Kelly are two registered nutritional therapists working on the French Riviera. They have collaborated to create the "Fun Food Diversity challenge", as a way to maintain “Unity in the community” during the lockdown, and at the same time support immunity and keep us healthy! Read more

Confinement extension: What we can and can't do

Black and White Building. Photo by Piotr Zemlak on ScopioAfter 32 days of confinement, there have been a series of adjustments to what is and what is not allowed. The Côte d'Azur, in particular, has some very strict rules. The government is constantly running to catch-up with the needs of workers, families and overall health safety. Here we look at the latest changes. Read more

GoMecano mobile mechanics to repair caretaker's vehicles

GoMecano TeamFor the duration of the lockdown, Gomecano is mobilising mechanics across the region to intervene free of charge on caretakers' vehicles. Thanks to strong support from Allianz France, the mobile mechanic start-up is doing their part to assist those assisting us. Whether it's a flat tyre, dead battery or something more involved, GoMecano mechanics will arrive on-site to repair or replace, free of charge.Read more

Confined words: Cannes' creative writing initiative

Woman writing. Photo by Camille Dellerie on ScopioThe Cannes City Council, in cooperation with Cannes Université and the Ecole Régionale d'Acteurs de Cannes-Marseille (ERACM), is encouraging creative writing and prompting the people of Cannes to take up the pen to share their experience of the confinement. The initiative entitled "Mots barrières & mots dans l'air : écrire ensemble contre le virus" (Confined words & words free to roam: writing together against the virus) is being organised by the network of media libraries in Cannes and will run from 13 April to 25 June 2020. Read more

Culture agenda: Theatre, opera & ballet streaming free

Black and brown Violin by Daniel Kunyu on ScopioMost of the world has been in confinement for a few weeks now. However, society’s inability to attend live performances hasn’t prevented us from viewing some great performances. Some of the world’s most revered theatres and opera houses are making famous plays, ballets and concerts available online for free. As the proverbial saying goes: when a door closes, a window opens - and we certainly have a wonderful open window on the arts! It is the perfect antidote to Netflix malaise.Read more

Attestation form now available digitally

Photo by   Gül Işık   on   ScopioThe French ministry has now approved a digital version of the attestation document that can be downloaded on your smartphone via a QR code. This has many benefits, aside from the obvious ease and simplification for those without printers, but it also enables the police to scan the form from a distance, ensuring the safe distance. Read more

Virtual English lessons with HiPe Kids

Hipe KidsAre you worried about your children's level of English? As we covered in our January school special, international couples in the Côte d'Azur can find it challenging to ensure their kids speak the language(s) of the home, proper French and not lose out on English lessons. But personal tutors can be difficult due to finding the time in our busy schedules and it can often be expensive. Read more