Not just for Christmas

It's no coincidence that France's biggest annual fund-raising event, the Telethon, takes place in December or that numerous charity gala dinners will be hosted in the region over the next month. The general desire to spead good cheer at this time of year inevitably encourages the best in us, but in the midsts of all the merriness we can forget that "goodwill to all men" is a principle for life, not just for Christmas.Read more

Missed connections

You had a guitar. I had a blue hat. We exchanged glances and smiles on the subway platform. I pretended to read my New Yorker but I couldn’t concentrate. You got on the Q and I stayed on to wait for the B. You were lovely.
We’ve all experienced a missed connection, a door that opened for an instant, and closed as fast, leaving us wondering what could have been; whether that person, or that situation, might have meant more.Read more

The sun shines on the young

It has long been the conventional wisdom that France is a wonderful country to visit and a fulfilling place to live. Many Brits have plucked up the courage to buy a second home here, while others have moved across lock, stock and barrel, often to retire and spend their last years in a better climate. But although the sun is warmer than at home, few expats have viewed the country as a hot prospect for employment. The image of better weather, superior food, and joie de vivre has always been tempered by the view that working here could be problematic.Read more

Opera at the Met hits cinemas

Think autumn, think New York: the breathtaking rainbow of leaves in Central Park; the fancy coats and hats; the glamorous premieres in bustling theaters and concert halls.
Wish you could leave the palm trees behind and indulge in NYC’s exhilarating Fall season? Wish no more. Starting this month, you can experience one of the Big Apple’s landmark events - live opera at the Metropolitan Opera House (Met) in Manhattan - from the comfort of the Côte.Read more

Property investors under threat

It has been a complicated time for foreign property investors on the Riviera. UK second-home owners have been leaving in droves, according to local real estate agents. The reason for this withdrawal has been the economic crisis, which has put pressure on many British residents with French properties. These sellers have been helped by the collapse of the pound against the euro, so a paper loss in France has often trans-lated into a real profit in sterling. Obstacles, such as the requirement to appoint a fiscal guarantor (see article page 20) have not been big enough to be insurmountable. Perhaps one day some of these vendors will return.Read more

Overview May 2009

What can I say - for me, May is the most exciting month to be on the glorious Riviera. I’m not just talking about the big events for film fans and motor nuts, but all the summer groups and activities which unfurl and come alive as the evening breeze warms up.Read more

Discover the autumn fashion trends!

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Romantic rose, sexy black, or burning red... fashionistas are spoilt for choice! The love story between La mode and Paris is at its height in September with Fashion Week.Read more

Public Art filling empty spaces

From Nice to New York, galleries and auction houses are feeling the squeeze. In Manhattan alone, 24 galleries (out of roughly 500 in total) have closed in the past two years, mostly in Chelsea, according to New York-based Artnet magazine. Things aren't better in auction rooms: Sotheby's, the world's No. 2 auction house, has seen art prices fall over 76 per cent since May last year. by Carola MambertoRead more

Inevitable integration

The process of European integration continues. Indeed, it has a life of its own. Perhaps the most obvious recent example, of great interest to foreigners in France - visitors and residents - is the enforcement of speed limits.Read more

Safe and secure

Visitors to the Riviera have often suffered from the region's relatively high rate of crime, while many long-term expatriate residents have their own well-documented concerns about safety and security on the Côte d'Azur.Read more