In Search of Substance

Nicolas Sarkozy undoubtedly made many public relations mistakes during his five years as France's president. One was to do away with the Bastille Day television interview that over the decades had become an annual rendezvous between the French and their head of state.Read more

Action, not tweets

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The first month of France's new Socialist president was, in the words of Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, "a clear round" - a near faultless performance. That was until François Hollande sent his ex-companion, Ségolène Royal, a statement of support to use in her parliamentary election propaganda...Read more

Buying a holiday house on the French Riviera

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Why buy a secondary property on the French Riviera?Read more

The Field Narrows

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As surprises go, Nicolas Sarkozy did not have much to offer. In mid-February, he said he would seek a second five-year term in the spring presidential election. Although his candidature had never really been in doubt, the timing of the announcement had been subject to speculation, with most analysts agreeing he would hold off until March before throwing his hat into the ring.Read more

Spending big in Eze

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The great advantage of sunny seaside villages is that they're all easily accessible by train. And this must rank as one of the greatest little train journeys in the world - following the Mediterranean coastline east from Nice. Fancy taking it easy in Eze? Well, that's our next stopRead more

What to do in 2012?

Last month, we described how our forecasts of 2011 have proven to be correct, and what the current situation is. As promised, we are now giving you some clues about our favourite investment vehicles. Of course, they do not suit all investment profiles, but they are worth having a look at in these current times.Read more

Investing in the future

As readers from The Riviera Times know, RFP is a very transparent financial adviser and all comments on financial markets and articles can be checked during the months after they have been published on our website. We concluded our article in The Rivera Times January 2011 as follows: "Consequently, we remain very careful and we prefer to wait before investing again on stock markets".Read more

Not Such a Happy Birthday

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It was on New Year's Day 10 years ago that the euro turned into coins and banknotes in the pockets of the citizens of 11 countries.
In the weeks before, the dire predictions had resembled those of 2000 when the "Millennium Bug'' had been forecast to freeze computer systems and cause jumbo jets to crash at midnight on 1st January - especially when they flew across the dateline - and so on and so forth.Read more

10 unusual financial products

Everybody has heard about savings, stocks or bonds, but banks are actually very innovative. We would like to introduce you to 10 types of investment you are probably not familiar with. Here are the first five. Next month, we will present the next five.Read more

Momentum on the Left

The autumn rentrée belonged to the French Socialist Party. It took a majority in the Senate for the first time in the 52-year history of the Fifth Republic; then, it successfully carried out primaries to choose the candidate to face Nicolas Sarkozy in presidential elections next spring, giving François Hollande, a former party chief, a resounding victory.Read more